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1st line contacts: F0x
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:Warehouse
IRC: #mch2022-lhq
Contact at projectleiding: Stitch
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team Members MCH2021


Team Goals

As a subteam under the Logistics team, team Warehouse will provide a small scale on-site storage facility, pre-stocked with items that we expect to come in handy. We support other teams by providing them with goods, that their volunteers can pick up at our warehouse. If capacity allows, we can also deliver these items to volunteers in the field, to minimize the interruption. We will also coordinate shopping runs for items that are not yet available, but dearly needed.

A part of the warehouse will be made available for teams with storage requirements that cannot be met by tents. Specifically for the rest of team Logistics, we will provide a Headquarters (LHQ), from which the subteams can coordinate their activities.


  • Design and host an on-site storage facility with shelves for smaller goods, with doors that can be locked, and a climate that doesn’t get too humid.
  • Host LHQ (Logistics Headquarters) for the several logistics teams
  • Determine, together with teams, which things they will arrange themselves and which things can be in the centralized bulk buying.
  • Buy tools and disposables before the buildup starts
  • Track the inventory
  • Restock when needed
  • Have a desk where crew can borrow stuff
  • Go after things that aren’t returned
  • Validate and register crew driving licenses, hand out wristbands for validated drivers
  • Provide a parcel pick-up point for villages
  • Coordinate closely with build-up and tear-down for needed things and their availability (e.g. timing)
  • Determine golf kart and bicycle requirements
  • Rent golf carts and bicycles from suppliers
  • Distribute dedicated golf carts and bicycles to teams
  • Manage golf carts and bicycles: repair or let supplier replace/repair
  • Collect golf carts and bicycles for returning to supplier