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You have a ticket that you want to sell again, say, because you can't make it to the camp?
Searching for a ticket with payment variants that are not offered in the ticket shop?
Cancellation of a ticket is in general not possible, so swap your ticket!

This is site is dedicated for swapping spare tickets between people.

Merch Exchange is a similar page for merch.

Note that there are still no tickets to buy in the official ticket store again!

This page is a visitor initiative. It is neither maintained nor supervised by the camp organization!
Be warned that ticket selling/buying comes at a high fraud risk! Be sure to establish trust with the person you're buying tickets from!

Selling procedure

Selling your ticket is just fine. We can invalidate the old ID and generate a new one. Send an e-mail to tickets@mch2022.org

Ticket offers

  • Every standard/earlybird/silver/gold/business/kids ticket includes camping stay, conference admission, and tourist tax.
  • Note that a "camper ticket" refers to a camper van; you will also need a regular conference ticket and (in case of a trailer/caravan) a parking ticket for your car.
  • Some sellers indicate that they've donated to MCH2022 (thanks!). Buyers should be aware that this does not give additional privileges or goodies, we're just very thankful.
Name Contact Details Price Comment
florian f471059@gmail.com Buying hoodie XXL or 3XL (straight fit preferred) €50 at camp until 26th
pitastrudl pitastrudl@gmail.com or DECT 2864 twitter: @pitastrudl Buying hoodie XL price same as buying or negotiable f2f on site untill 27th
Andre Buskvekster andre@buskvekster.mooo.com Standard ticket whatever, less than I paid I'm at the camp
Anselm anselm.w@gmx.de Standard ticket ~200€, less if I get the badge :D Have friends on site, you can buy f2f
3D63 contact@3d63.net 2 standard tickets + parking ticket Pay What you Want added 2022-07-22
djrevmoon djrevmoon@gmail.com one camper/caravan ticket 40 EUR added 2022-07-21
gregor gw@communitylabs.de 1 camper ticket 80 eur added 2022-07-21
Patrick pat@schlafhacking.de 1 Standard Ticket 300€ (I paid 355,55) Still available as of 2022-07-20
BecHa becha@xs4all.nl / 0621258191 (Signal) 1 Camper Ticket 80€
Kreativmonkey mch@calyrium.org / 00491706031868 (Signal) 1 Standard Ticket Pay what you want available 2022-07-22
Konstantin Keizerpenguin420[at]gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket 270€ (paid 355€) Tested Covid positive so I can not attend, giving some the opportunity to attend at a low price.
oleg gelosi[at]gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket + 1x Parking Ticket 200€ Paid €386.44 Can't attend (yeah, war has changed my life), will be happy with some euro units back :) )
soeren sdaehnrich[at]gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket 330€
verpoler do1hdr at pm.me 1 Camper Ticket 80€
Olga olga.mch2022 at herenstraat.nl or Signal/WhatsApp +353877684322 1 Standard Early-Bird Ticket + €50 donation (paid €313.37) +/- €200.00 (Suggest your amount!) Still available as of 2022-07-20
Pawsen pawsen+mchticket at gmail.com 1 Standard Early-Bird Ticket for EUR 263.37 (same price I paid) €263.37 Still available
Jake t222w2lgvvc@temp.mailbox.org 1 Standard Ticket What I paid minus donation - 333.33 EUR Feel free to contact me when the official Ticket Shop has sold out. I do not wish to frustrate the official ticket sales.
Arnoud a.vermeer [at] freshway.biz 1 Standard Ticket Same as what I paid - 333.33 EUR
miniBill - Leonardo Taglialegne name@surname.it / @miniBill (twitter) 1 Standard Ticket What I paid, rounded down - 350.00 EUR :(
Simon mch[at]kuhball.de 1 Standard Ticket Paid 333,33 Euros (50 donation), would be happy with around 200
Ken 0xblob256@gmail.com 1 Kartent 50 EUR DM if you are interested, you will get the tent at 22nd (first day)
Gabriele gmodena@pm.me Standard Early-Bird Ticket + Camping Stay + Conference Attendance + Tourist Tax €313.37 (same price I paid)
Maarten info[at][name].pro Harbour berth for boats under 12 meter and under 90cm depth 75,-
Izoard izoard[at]posteo.net 1 Standard Ticket + 1 Campervan Ticket Paid 413,33 EUR (incl. 50 donation), would be happy with 80 for camper ticket and 250 for attendence+camping
TraXo mch2022@traxo.net 1 Standard Ticket 250€ Still testing positive for C after 11 days, so no camp for me :(
DenkBrettl denkbrettl át gmail com 1 Standard Ticket 250€ Tested positive on the day we wanted to leave :-/
James james [át] jameshallam.info 1 Discounted Community Ticket (same as the standard ticket but lower price) 200€ Still available as of 2022-07-19
Shroombab shroombab [át] gmx.at / twitter: @shroombab 1 Standard Ticket paid 283 Euro plus Donation, selling it for 50%: 141,5 Euro Still available as of 2022-07-20
Gandi mch[at]spaccs.net 1 standard ticket 173.31€ (paid 355€) Flatmate is C-positive, don't want to put you at risk :/
Maria a01503592@unet.univie.ac.at 1 Standard Ticket 250€ COVID sucks...
Binar benedikt[at]at-inet.de, +492056584816744 1 Kartent + 2 person air mattress Suggestion: 23 € available 2022-07-22
Samuel camptickets[at]reaktor23.org Standard Ticket, Camper Ticket, T-Shirt Straight-Cut L 350 € You can also make me an offer and bring a good arguments to accept it

Already sold

Please move entries here once the sale is succesful.

Name Contact Details Price Comment
Luker - Luca Fulchir name@surname.it / @FulchirLuca (twitter) 1 Standard Ticket what you want, make your offer. got covid 1w ago, still positive ;_;
florian f471059@gmail.com Mint Condition Hoodie for sale (zipper hoodie fitted, XL) €50, or larger hoodie at camp until 26th
Onja Standard early bird ticket 250 EUR My friend had to cancel, I’m at camp and we can do the selling f2f if preferred. added 2022-07-22 Gave ticket away
Tuukka Kivilahti, TKffTK 1 Standard Ticket, I paid 344 € 200 € Still available 2022-07-22, My friends are participating to the event -> ticket and money exchange can be done next to the event site or remotely, which one is preferred. Gave ticket away
Russ russell.couper[at]aarrgghh.co.uk 1 Standard Ticket + 1x motorbike parking ~280€ (Paid €355 + €21 parking) Gave ticket to a friend. Caught Covid so can't travel. Low resell price to help someone else out.
33dBm peter.... at t-online.de or Twitter @33dBm 1 Standard Ticket. Couldn't participate, sometimes things change unexpectedly :-/ €250 Ticket sold on Jul, 17.
cyplo cyplo@cyplo.net 2 adult tickets €200 Ticket sold on 21st of July.
cyplo cyplo@cyplo.net parking ticket €20 Ticket sold on 22st of July.
kokanin kokanin@gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket 150 eur sold 2022-07-21
Casandro chr... at clarke-3.de 1 Camper Ticket, 1 Parking Ticket, 1 T-Shirt, 2 Standard Supporter Tickets for €880 Essentially for the same price I paid for sold
Arron arron-mch at nurn.net 1 Standard Early-Bird Ticket, startup donation, T-shirt + Hoodie for €385.87 €325 SOLD
Scriptkiddi mch22@otlingha.us 2 Standard Ticket, startup donation, parking SOLD
Ruf<u>zz mch22@xxx 1 Standard Ticket, startup donation €275 SOLD Ticket sold on June 29
nobody96 nobody96@blueboot.org 2 Standart Tickets and a parking ticket €700 (or less, make an offer) SOLD
Łukasz nzm94w0r53t@temp.mailbox.org 1 Standard Ticket, startup donation same what I paid - 283EUR SOLD Expecting to finalize the deal this week with current buyer (04.07)
Thomas thomas@thomasthanner.de 1 Standard Ticket + 1 Camper Ticket same what I paid - 363.33 EUR Standard ticket sold. Camper ticket sold.
Marcin aumitech+mch at protonmail.com 1 Standard Early-Bird Ticket, startup donation €230 (or less, we can work it out if this price would stop you from attending) Sold
eta mchticket [at] eta.st, or see [1] 1× Standard Ticket 250 EUR or 200 GBP Sold
M3 5001q3wg@duck.com 1 Camper Ticket 80 EUR Sold
edauksis esteban (at) dauksis.com or telegram @edauksis Camper ticket (vehicle) + Standard early bird + Donation Paid 393.37 €. Same as what I paid minus donation 340€ make me an offer if you can't afford the full price
Castor cpt.glucose@mdaniel.de 1 Standard Ticket 200€ You get the PDF with the QR-code, I already gave the parking QR-code to a friend.
Harzi info at harzi.ch 1 Standard Ticket + €50 Donation (€333.-) €222.- (111€ lower than I paid) After payment you will get the Link to the PDF, where you can change details on ticket and download/print it. Later, you can invalidate the old ID and generate a new one.
Oskar oskarc@me.com or Twitter @wagmiteth Discounted Community Ticket. Same as the usual ticket but lower price. 200€ (50€ lower than I paid). Feel free to come up with an offer if 200€ is too much. Sold
vollkorn mch2022TE át vollkorn.cryptobitch.de 1 Supporter Tickets (including Donation) + 1 T-Shirt (Straight S) + 1 Zipper (Straight S) I'll give this ticket away for free. This way at least someone who otherwise wouldn't have been able to come will get there. Tested positive on the day before I wanted to leave :(
William wbkennedy1[at]gmail.com 1 Standard Ticket 330€ obo coming from a conference in sri lanka and flight got cancelled.. :(((
Kien info at ktruong dot dev 1 Standard Ticket Same as what I paid - 355.55 EUR Sold
pft 1 camper ticket 60€ (paid 80€) If your camper is no boring white box (or >20years old I will sell it for less/give it away ;)). => Given away to a not boring not even really boxy camper ;)
Hetti sellmeMCHtix át thepeko.at Includes: 2 1 Standard Ticket (including Donation) - excluding Badges PAY WHAT YOU WANT! (Paid 700€) I want both Badges. One ticket left.
Hetti sellmeMCHtix át thepeko.at Car Parking Ticket 30€ + 2 Club Mate Willing to give more discount if you have some good offer/deal.