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How to read the timeline:

  • The timeline is a working document that projectleiding updates about every week
  • This timeline is a still image (screenshot) taken from an interactive whiteboard tool called Mural (open source suggestions to replace this are welcome). This image/tool is used to monitor if the organisation is on track.
  • None of the circles you see in this image are set in stone, things will be moved around. If you see a date near a marker, this means that is the date PL is currently working with.
  • All dates for meetings will be visible in the Meetings section of this wiki.
  • If you see a pink sticky with a nickname on it, this means that person is working on that specific item; if you have a question on that specific item, ask the person whose name is on it.

You can always contact team:Projectleiding if you have questions on the timeline.

Timeline status 09 06 2021 1 Timeline status 09 06 2021 2