Travel by bike

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Name from departure route arrival link
User:Hanemile Düsseldorf (about 175km) 21. midday (after work) about ~90km on the 21st (~5h), then another ~90km (~5h) after sleeping a bit on the 22nd 22. midday
User:Rampone C4 -Köln Ehrenfeld (about 210km) cuz of heat 20.7 midday 2 Hackers, 1biobike, 1ebike/caravan, sleep on camping for showers, 80-110km on 1st, 80-100km on 2nd (~5h). sth like that ;) 21st evening
User:Katzazi Köln Ehrenfeld (about 210km) 16.7 morning ~100km on 1st, rest on 2nd, thinking at about 17km/h with breaks in between with biobike, sleep on camping site 17.7. probably afternoon/evening
User:RatN Gadebusch (about 620km incl. detour) 15.7 early in the morning via Stade, Bremer Hafen, Leer, Groningen, De Waag, Lelystad (incl. scenic detour over the Afsluitdijk)
about 17 km/h on Brompton (folding bike) + trailer
20.7. really late
User:Madonius Karlsruhe (543km) 18.07 early via Bingen, Bonn, Cologne, Duisburg (170km, 130km, 110km, 140km) ~22km/h 21.07 late evening