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42.leines Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-20
Departure 2022-07-27
BuildupTime 20.07.22 14:00
BuildupVehicle Camper or Mobile-Home
Bringing Car or Campervan / Sleeping tent / Bungalowtent 3x3m / 3 small tables + 2 campingchairs
Village Village:geraffel
Working on

Languages EN

Be excellent to each other!

I have only limited / beginners camping skillz, so I will probably end up being eaten by all kinds of bees, flies, mosquitoz, while having to sleep in a cold, wet sleeping bag while the underground lets me feel my biological age. Most likely I will starve and beg for food while being dehydrated and unshowered/stinky. I try to counter this by pretending to have everything under control. I won't.

My main tasks on the camp will be sozializing, getting to see as much as possible there, talk to a lot of friends and new people, hoping they'll become friends.

Also trying to geraffel (verb) more.