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Arrival 2022-07-21

Bringing Rainbows
Village Village:DIVD Space
Working on
Twitter AstridOosenbrug
Languages EN/NL


Astrid Oosenbrug started as sysadmin 20+ years ago, but has mostly been politically active since, as Member of Parliament (2012-2017), Public Affairs officer and in numerous NGO's. She was critical of the invasion of privacy by new investigative legislation and has championed the introduction of Responsible Disclosure Policy within the Dutch government, she is co-founder and chair of (Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure) and co-founder, where she is foster parent to many young hackers. As chair of COC Netherlands, the oldest, still exsisting lgbti+ organisation in the world (75 years old and still going strong) she will host her own COC (Cyber Operations Centre) a safe & brave space, with all the fluffy unicorns that will fart rainbows all over the sky ;-)