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Benadski Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-14
Departure 2022-07-28
BuildupTime before 20.07.22 12:00
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
Bringing Microwave+kiln+glass, sharks+otters+lobster, bat-detector pcbs, colorful lights, more crap.
Village Village:ChaosFurs, Village:Still Hacking Anyway
Working on

Languages English, Dutch
Team Team:Power
HackerSpace Revspace

⚡️ Captain power

  • Teamlead of team:Power, also did this on SHA2017!
  • Can fix and improve rollercoasters and other people-shakers.
  • Licks 9V batteries sometimes, not recommended!
  • Knows a bit about AVR microcontrollers, done a lot of programming for this badge:

🌈 Queer, non binary, pan [any/any]

  • After neglecting my feelings for years, now finally exploring myself, help is appreciated.
  • Sometimes broken and emotional, but helps fixing otthers anyway.
  • Shy at first but would like to meet people and talk about queer topics at times.
  • Loves hugs/cuddles!

🐾 Loves animals

  • Dogs and bats are my favorites! Most of them like me too. :)
  • Don't like mosquitos much, but I find most other bugs fascinating, even wasps can just land on my nose without bothering me.
  • Sometimes shuts down human specific parts of brain to understand animals better, can act like one on occasion but keeps it friendly.

🌿 Loves nature

  • Hiking in nature is fun!
  • Sometimes I put water from creeks and ponds in jars to study the life in there.
  • Trying to limit my carbon footprint as much as comfortably possible.
  • Building this together with people from TU Delft to help companies in switching to more sustainable energy sources: