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Lumi Chan Verfied.png
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BuildupTime Unknown
BuildupVehicle Camper or Mobile-Home
Village Village:/dev/base
Working on Projects:TestProject
DECT 5864
Languages German, English
Team Team:Moebelhaus

Dear interested reader!

Let me introduce myself to you:

  • My name is Lumi_Chan and I on events you will usually find me hanging around with chairs and tables ;)
  • The first hacker event I was part of was Congress in 2017 (34C3) and I was positively excited about the whole community!
  • After that I joined EMF camp in 2018 and helped with build-up for chairs & tables.
  • During 35C3, I was doing lots of different angel shifts and finally came back to furniture "business" on CCC camp in 2019. That is where we started with the "moebelhaus" as our own team.
  • Since congress (36C3), we also have our own team logo :)
  • For MCH 2021, I started planning the chairs, tables etc., but since it did not take place, the planning continues for MCH 2022!

In my leisure time, I am currently renovating a house. Besides that I am doing climbing, canyoning, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, running, sewing and whatever sounds exciting.

Businesswise I am working in sales operations as a project manager for software "rollouts" to various markets.

Enough talking about me: Please let me know if YOU are interested in joining this team! See you hopefully soon :)