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Its unfortunate that I could not visit MCH2022 for the full version, however I managed to visit a single day. I am writing this down, hoping that the future team will see what a visitor might experience, and hopefully will give the visitors a way better experience the next time. Note that I went for a single day, just to shake hands. I don't know the full experience from the night.

Arrival: The arrival was clear, signs were posted, but it was not clear where I had to go. Knowing SHA2017, I went to the "old" service entrance, and was immediately greeted by scouting, who referred me to the other parking. A lot has changed it seemed. So, out of the entrance and to the other road to the parking, where I was greeted by someone who clearly had no clue who I was, who I was visiting, but eventually let me in without having to pay. Was confusing, was annoying, make sure that when an uninvited guest shows up, they have somewhere to park.

Entrance: I could pass them and nobody would care. Nobody seemed to care at all, no security, nobody who would "ring" the sponsor, and since everyone from the PL team was out fixing stuff, nobody to reach. Eventually they said "here's your pass, have fun". That basically set the tone for the event, and that was something that I really wanted to avoid. Be sure that you have an angel who can receive visitors. When you know there is someone coming, make time for them. Greet them, lead them around, but don't sit behind the table on your laptop. Eventually I got a pass and wandered off.

PL: Nowhere to be seen, most likely putting out a fire or something.

Infodesk: Busy as hell. Said hi, then had to go because they did not had time for me.

MCH Logo: Nice, can it be hacked like last time?

Tent placement: Everything seemed to be in the middle of the field. The whole orga seemed to be the "center" of the event. I don't know what happened here, but it felt like they were the centerline, no idea where why they would be in the center though...

Fields: Could walk around, but was a bit of a guess who the big tents were. I think in future it's great to have the big teams in certain areas, so that I could say "It's next to that group", or "its next to family village". The only remarkable points were a "dragon" and the family village, the rest was scattered around the center.

Food: Haven't even bothered to check it out. Seemed to be on "the other side".

Harbour: Was greeting by Brenno. Same layout as last time it seemed, he went for a snack when I arrived, had a nice talk about future events.

Overall, I think that it missed the "shine" of SHA2017. It was more like a meet-up than a complete event. Might be covid, might be something else, I don't know. I hope the future team can bring that shine back. I will certainly be there for the next event.