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Thice Verfied.png
Arrival 2022-07-20
Departure 2022-07-27
BuildupTime 20.07.22 13:00
BuildupVehicle Car, Transporter
Bringing Everything for the MCH2022 CTF
Village Village:CTF
Working on Projects:CTF, Projects:Secret Tokens, Projects:Stickers
Languages EN, NL
Team Team:CTF

Main point of contact for the MCH2022 CTF --> Village:CTF

Other stuff:

 NOTE: The part below is now part of: Projects:Stickers


Because the MCH2022 logo looks pretty neat, I created some new logos based on it.

The original MCH2022 logo can be found here:

All designs below were generated using the Design generator on

The design was then manually transformed to form the logos.

For each logo the text input for the design generator is listed.

Design generator text: "MCH2022 CTF"

MCHlogo CTF v1.svg

Design generator text: "Secret Tokens"

MCHlogo SecretTokens v1.svg

Angel logo concept

Design generator text: "Angel"

MCHlogo Angel v1.svg

Badge logo concept

Design generator text: "Badge"

MCHlogo Badge v1.svg

Speaker logo concept

Design generator text: "Speaker"

MCHlogo Speaker v1.svg

(I understood that Speakers might already have a different logo which is used for a sticker?)

Sticker concept

Hackers seem to like stickers. The logos as shown above could be used to create a sticker set for different parts of MCH2022. Where visitors can earn the stickers, some ideas:

  • Score 500 points in the CTF: Get the CTF sticker
  • Find 10 Secret Tokens: Get the Secret Token sticker
  • Help with making the badge happen (join a sweatshop, write a program etc): Get the Badge sticker
  • Perform an Angel shift: Get the Angel sticker
  • Be a speaker on the event: Get the Speaker sticker

MCH sticker mockup 1.png


MCH sticker mockup 2.png

(ignore the shitty print quality)