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This page is part of the organization of MCH2021. Feel free to look around and please note that information on pages such as the Main Page or Q&A is kept more up to date.

MCH2021 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help prepare the event, please join the orga by participating in a team. If you want to help at the event, please participate as an angel.

Want to help?

MCH2022 is a "Do it Yourself" kind of event, matching the hacker spirit.

If you want to help, you can email If you don't know what you want to do, feel free to describe what you're good at, so we can find a good match.

Current vacancies for MCH2022

These are teams in need of team leads and team members. If you want to join / kickstart such a team, make sure Team:Projectleiding is notified (via the PL contact at that team, or if all else fails User:Stitch)

Role / Team Description
  • Needs team members and a team lead.

Are you interested? Contact the IFCAT treasurer at Please note: do not hesitate if this interests you. We have people ready to help you get started.

Team lead Vacancy

Before the event Time needed: 4-8 hrs a week The amount of time spent on these responsibilities will be few hours a week at first, and will increase closer to the event.

  • Establish an overall budget (this is already done!)
  • Instruct teams on how to file budget requests
  • Triage budget requests from teams
  • Give advise regarding financial decisions
  • Write procedures and policies, with example forms, for team expenses
  • Reimburse volunteer expenses

During the event

  • Manage the flow of virtual and real money at the event
  • Contact us now:
  • 2 people for buildup coordination: managing supplier sequence and etc
  • 1 person for teardown coordination: making sure everything is moved off the field in the correct order
  • Plans / inspiration from previous events is available, but you can make something yourself if you want to.
Team:Shuttle, 3 people needed (including team leader) Plan and coordinate angels and yourself for shuttle runs from and to Nijkerk/Zeewolde and get luggage from and to the parking lot.
  • Provide a shuttle service between the train station and event venue for visitors who travel by train.
  • Schedule driving shifts
  • Drive according to a schedule during busy hours
  • Publish the shuttle schedule on the wiki
  • Drive on-demand when it’s quieter; be reachable by phone for receiving requests
  • Post phone numbers in relevant places
  • Transport visitors luggage (note that not everybody wants to use this service)
  • Establish pick-up points at parking and wherever the train shuttle drops people off.
  • Establish drop-off points that are shielded from rain, where people can have their luggage delivered.
  • Deliver things at the correct drop-off point.
  • At the end of the event, reverse operations: drop-off points become pick-up points and vice versa
  • Make the pick-up and drop-off points visible, and shield them from rain.
  • Help villages (self-organized sub-events and/or people camping together) establish their presence
  • Write instructions for villages on how and where to send special requests (e.g. Power, NOC, On-Site), and how to integrate their village with the main event
  • Coordinate/plan which village goes where
  • Seek out villages with incomplete or vague wiki pages and encourage them to add more concrete information
  • Check whether villages adhere to imposed restrictions
  • Publish village locations on the map once this stabilizes
  • Preempt possible nuisance issues (e.g. loud music) and communicate and design accordingly
  • Be infodesk-like, but for village-specific needs.
  • In total 3 team member vacancies, including team lead
  • checkout Team:Accessibility
  • you will analyze possible needs for accessibility
  • you will get in touch with the specific teams to guarantee and improve accessibility
  • Two people needed!
  • Search for event food trucks (maybe contact also with the previous ones)
  • Contact and ask for offers
  • Together with map/terrain, plan their locations
  • Together with finance/treasury make sure everything is up and running
  • teamlead needed! To organise meetings, manage the to-do list, instruct volunteers on the field
  • Booklet creator, for creating the print booklet with essential information to be handed out to all visitors
  • 2 'Team Info members' to gather questions and answers, both before the event and during the event (as support for the infodesk angels)
  • designer for t-shirts, stickers, look of booklet and more!
Team:Sanitation, 1 person
  • Rent cleaning company and coordinate cleaning of on-site facilities (toilets, showers)
  • Involvement: get to know the scope of the event (talk with terrain), request a few offers from cleaning companies, make sure they turn up and do their thing responsibly
Team:Moebelhaus, 2 persons
  • Provide tents, chairs, and tables for villages.
  • Set prices and arrange pre-sales via the ticket shop
  • Have a physical place where people can pick up and return the goods they have ordered
  • Supervise that people only take what they paid for.
  • Ask On-Site to deliver large orders directly to villages
Team:Waste, 3 people, 14 angels
  • Rent waste disposal facilities at a vendor, blueprint available if needed
  • Request and roster angels for shifts
  • Provide garbage disposal facilities (bins) for crew and visitors
  • Minimize the amount of inconvenience caused by trash
  • Have garbage collected for compacting and moving off site by vendor trucks
  • Provide instructions on how to deal with (specific kinds of) garbage
  • Provide garbage bags for visitors (through entrance and info-desk)
  • Handle communication with garbage disposal company
  • Collect bottles from all around the campsite
  • Sort bottles in crates
  • Dispose of alien bottles (not sold at bar) properly
  • Determine the layout for the visitor and crew parking lots
  • Validate parking tickets
  • Micro-manage people who are parking their cars, to optimize usage of the available space
  • Provide optimized arrival and departure flows
  • Ensure the parking does not turn into a muddpool
  • Provide temporary parking space (“K+R”) for people who are dropped off by friends, family, or taxi.
Team:Warehouse, 2 people needed, several angels
  • Design and host an on-site storage facility with shelves for smaller goods, with doors that can be locked, and a climate that doesn’t get too humid.
  • Host LHQ (Logistics Headquarters) for the several logistics teams
  • Determine, together with teams, which things they will arrange themselves and which things can be in the centralized bulk buying.
  • Buy tools and disposables before the buildup starts
  • Track the inventory
  • Restock when needed
  • Have a desk where the crew can borrow stuff
  • Go after things that aren’t returned
  • Validate and register crew driving licenses, hand out wristbands for validated drivers
  • Provide a parcel pick-up point for villages
  • Coordinate closely with build-up and tear-down for needed things and their availability (e.g. timing)
  • Determine golf kart and bicycle requirements
  • Rent golf carts and bicycles from suppliers
  • Distribute dedicated golf carts and bicycles to teams
  • Manage golf carts and bicycles: repair or let supplier replace/repair
  • Collect golf carts and bicycles for returning to supplier
  • We need at least 2 additional people with a drivers licence and car for supply runs and such.
Team:Tickets and entrance, 1 people needed, several angels
  • teamlead / on field ticket-angel manager
Team:Badge, 5 people
  • Sponsor communications: reach out to the sponsors we need to badge the badge a reality
  • Hardware sourcing: help us ping our production partner to find the right parts for the badge
  • PCB art: design the bestest look and feel for the badge!
  • Delivery manager: guide the production of the badges, the bags to put them in, the sweatshops to package them, and ensure we have something cool to give to our visitors
Team:Security, 1 sub-teamlead Fire
  • Guard the safety and security of everyone at the event
  • Instruct people on potential safety issues
  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Surveil the site actively
  • Be part of the health and safety infra of the event
  • Setup and take care of the Firesafety at MCH2022
  • Work on the firesafety section of the permit application
  • Setup firesafety rules to avoid fires at MCH2022
  • Setup volunteer Firesafety training
  • Organize the onsite Fire safety shifts

Contact us at or

Team:Security, 1 sub-teamlead EHBO
  • Guard the safety and security of everyone at the event
  • Instruct people on potential safety issues
  • De-escalate conflicts
  • Surveil the site actively
  • Be part of the health and safety infra of the event
  • Setup and take care of the EHBO at MCH2022
  • Work on the EHBO section of the permit application
  • Setup personal safety rules to avoid personal injuries at MCH2022
  • Setup volunteer EHBO training
  • Organize the onsite EHBO shifts

Contact us at or

Team:Clothing production, 2 Creative people
  • Design and order clothing items
  • Organize the prodiction
  • Maintain the relation with the producers
  • Organize the distribution

Contact us at

Team:ROC, 1 admin human

We really could use a human to help with gathering the info from the teams about how many radios are needed, and with which teams they communicate (to make a good estimate on channels)

Contact us at

  • We can always use some (2-3) enthusiastic people to handle press communications
  • Ensure the press is aware of the rules we have on the campsite
  • Collect press teams at the gate and accompany them on-site.
Team:Badge, web developer(s)
  • The Hatchery is in need of a make-over.
  • Hatchery needs support for standalone firmware apps (next to already supported µPython apps).
  • The badge will get WebUSB support, and how cool would it be if you could have a live IDE for both the ESP and FPGA in your browser?
Team:Badge, firmware developers

We need people to build:

  • Main firmware (in C) for the ESP32, including GUI.
  • Better firmware for the RP2040, which acts as the USB interface and an I/O-expander on the badge.
Team:Badge, app developers

For useful or cool little apps to ship with the badge, like:

  • Interactive talk schedule
  • Apps that make use of the sensors on the badge (air quality, temp, humidity, and a magic location sensor)
  • Apps that make use of the ICE40 FPGA on the badge
  • Something to interact with connected decoration on the terrain
  • Coordinator for NOC helpdesk
  • Coordinator for on-site datacenters

Todo: automated vacancies

This is a list of vacancies for the MCH2022 organization. We're still in the process of gathering all Team Vacancies and adding them here, so the overview is not complete yet!