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Village Name Chaos Post - c3post

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Description Chaos Post - providing, stamping and delivering postcards at the speed of Chaos.
Preferred Location 52° 17' 4.60" N, 5° 31' 31.84" E
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Registered on 10 July 2022 16:14:40
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Chaos Post - providing, stamping and delivering postcards at the speed of Chaos.

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What is the Chaos Post?

Delivering at the speed of Chaos - To all entities inside or outside of Chaos events. We only accept postcards. We do not deliver letters. We do not accept packages of any size.

How does it work?

You can find us at various Chaos events. Grab a postcard, write something for your favorite person, Angel or friends you want to say hello to. Address them as reasonably as possible. Information like a nickname is helpful, you might want to add a DECT number, an assembly, or other information to help the Chaos courier to deliver your postcard during the event.

Who delivers the mail on the event side?

You! The chaos courriers (Chaos Boten) are the visitors themselves, it is quite easy to become a "Chaos Courrier". Step by the post office, grap a postcard and try to deliver it on the field. Everyone that wants can grap a postcard and deliver. That way, you get to know the event in a completely differnt perspective, might even see places that you would not see otherwise.

How about external mail?

We are not allowed sell, hand out or provide any stamps so we developed our own little “hack”. You give us your prepared postcard, let us know if you want a regular stamp or one of our custom ones and everything else will happen automagically. The custom stamps are a special edition made by Deutsche Post, Pesthörchen, Chaos knot and Fairy Dust are always available. We offer special stamps at some events. We have to leave a note here: special stamps are rather expensive to produce; Deutsche Post is well paid for this. That’s why we ask you to support us and leave a donation so we can cover our production costs.