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Village Name Chaoswelle


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Contact IRCNet: #delta23
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Description Radio amateurs around the CCC Germany and the DARC e.V. local association D23.

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Interests soldering
, telecommucation
, diy
, amateur radio
amateur radio
, shortwave
, satellite communication
satellite communication
Registered on 2 January 2021 18:54:35
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The Chaoswelle is a community of radio amateurs from the environment of the Chaos Computer Club and thus around the DARC local association D23. Our common interest is amateur radio with all its varieties.

Amateur radio has had a firm place in the Chaos Computer Club since its beginnings. Our old president Wau Holland, who sadly passed away in 2001, was also a licensed amateur radio operator. Some of you may still remember him and his callsign DB4FA. It was radio amateurs from the CCC who helped to set up the first packet radio digipeater in Hamburg (and one of the first ever in Germany). In autumn storms and rain, the digipeater was set up at the Philosophenturm of the University of Hamburg, and initially operated under the callsign DL0CCC/p. The fun was not neglected. Fun was not neglected, because shortly afterwards the new digipeater was tested from a pub: The display of the portable computer had to be illuminated with a candle due to the lack of light...

We don't only get together at CCC events and demonstrate amateur radio there. Often we can win over interested people and train new radio amateurs. For this reason, we also offer licence courses at the larger events. By the way, anyone can join us, no one has to be a member of any club.