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Description Public stage and community for sustainability topics
Preferred Location 52° 17' 1.43" N, 5° 31' 33.92" E
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Interests climateemergency
, survival
, sustainability
, climatechange
Registered on 18 June 2022 17:34:18
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
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emergent /ɪˈməːdʒ(ə)nt/
in the process of coming into being, result of an emergent process
a becoming is a village for rekindling the discussion on sustainability a place for people to discuss the the factual, objective and the emotional, experiential side of the sustainability challenge and what it means for the hacker community.

There is a basic program, and you are invited to contribute to it. Please contact User:Claudia or User:Gori if you want to bring something to the table. Only limitation is that is is an honest, open minded engagement with the theme of sustainability and climate change. Want to present your view of what is doing one? Dance your eco-anxiety away? Discuss how your latest gadget may fix the world? Share a poem on how late-stage capitalism needs to go by the way of the dodo? Lets us know!

We are working with the organisers of conference to align our content and provide a live link with their discussions on the same topic.

Village program

Every day, 15:00-17:00, and more as soon as you provide content.

Session 0: May Will Contain Climate Change

  • Theme: A systems perspective on the sustainability transition and challenges ahead
  • Friday 22th 21:40 - 22:30
  • Hosted by: User:Gori will presents his talk [May Will Contain Climate Change] and announces the Village and its program.

Session 1: Gravity

Goal is to discuss the gravity of the situation and create shared set of ideas on what is likely coming at us.

  • We will do a Threat Modelling exercise around the climate change topic. Via a collective mind mapping exercise we will create a shared mental model and identify the things that will happen and how they will affect various people at various locations.

Session 2: Emotion

Goal is to explore the individual and collective emotions and experiences involved with living in a slow but certain system wide global crysis.

  • What is the personal drive that links you to this issue.
  • How to deal with climate change angst/eco-anxiety --information from the side of psychology on coping strategies.
  • Realising that you are not alone with these worries.

Session 3: Hope

We know that we are in trouble as a human society, so what are we going to do about it?

  • Showcase projects that do good things
  • What can you do?
  • Tension between system-level problems and the massive powers that be and the scope of individual impact. How do you leverage your privilege?
  • imagining yourself in 2050 narratives.

Session 4: Communities

  • Theme: Computing Within Limits / hackers / RIPE / UnCiv
  • Tuesday 26th 12:00 - 13:00
  • Hosted by : user:Becha

In June 2022, "Computing Within Limits" academic conference has been held for the 8th time. I wrote about my impressions here:

In this session, I would like to present the best papers (IMHO), and how does this academic/artistic/activist research interface with the technical communities (network operators, hackers, software developers...), and how can we continue t he work after MCH: in the RIPE Community, hackerspaces, and as part of

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