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Village Name OpenKAT


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Description This village is voor the OpenKAT open source project
Preferred Location 52° 17' 1.72" N, 5° 31' 54.59" E
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Registered on 20 June 2022 18:42:39
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Welcome to OpenKAT village

During MCH2022 we will host informal demo's and presentations of OpenKAT and hacking sessions to build plugins. The aim of our village is to share and work on OpenKAT and to have fun with everyone involved. Do drop by to say hello!

What about OpenKAT?

OpenKAT is a security and monitoring framework, and the lastest open source project of the Dutch Ministry of Health. OpenKAT has a modular structure with lots of plugins feeding data into a datamodel, so you can easily expand it and include your favorite tools and topics. OpenKAT works automagically: it collects data, turns it into objects which fit into the datamodel, runs analysis and makes reports. As all data is normalised, information from different sources ends up in the right place for analysis.


Ok, so where is the software?

If you want to know more about OpenKAT check out the github repo with all the software and documentation. Most is in Dutch due to our initial audience, but we are translating and expanding it as we go.

There is an English language version of the document 'how to create a plugin', which should get you started easily.

And what will happen in the village?

Rule number one, what happens in the village, stays in the village. It will be fun for sure! We're working on a schedule for OpenKAT that matches the official program and cool stuff we all want to see. You can find the village next to the harbour, as several member have decided to come by boat to MCH 2022.

How do I contact you?

Join us on IRC, #openkat on or send an email to