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Village Name Swedish Embassy

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Description We are back to build a midsummer/penis pole, bring surströmming, aquavit, and be drunk and/or high as usual.

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Interests amateur radio
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Registered on 9 February 2021 20:29:48
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Planning notes

We are a loose collection of Swedes who get together to represent the Kingdom, foster diplomatic relations with fellow hackers and have a good time.

We will return to build our traditional pagan penis pole and serve fermented fish and spiced booze.

Surströmming Party

We will repeat the success from SHA and CCC and throw a surströmming (fermented fish) party once again. With traditional Swedish hard bread and lots of aquavit. Gather at the embassy for an amazing (and smelly) night.

The session will be called "Tasting of the Surströmming, drinking of the Akvavit, signing of the Snappsång and dancing smågrodorna around the penispole"


TBA, expect at least 5x10m

Organizational Structure

  • Hackverket - Does software and hardware hacking projects. Plays with SDRs and broadcast Doktor Kosmos on the FM radio.

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  • Osäkerhetspolisen - Makes sure everyone is always under the influence so people are calm and happy

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