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Village Name Village People

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TODO: Generated MCH Design (experiment here)
Contact irc:casdr
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Assigned Field
Description Get a free VPS, join our button mashing contest or come by for a chat and an IPA.
Preferred Location 52° 16' 56.78" N, 5° 31' 22.19" E
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Interests hacking
, cyber
Registered on 7 April 2022 15:01:52
Hosts self-organized sessions Yes
Other villages by tags...

Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Aldert Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Flar
Casdr Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Network stuff, Tent, Audio, Power bricks, UTP
Ggmatth Verfied.png
Jansenh Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Kilikili Verfied.png
Krageon Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 A tent, Plenny
Link0 Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Ronnierups Verfied.png
Rtd Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Slushy machine
Rtek Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00
ShabbySandstorm Verfied.png Sat Jul 23 0:00 Mon Jul 25 0:00
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The Village People

The village by TransIP, for colleagues & friends.

Born to Be Alive

Born to Be Alive is not by The Village People. Born to Be Alive is made by Patrick Hernandez. Don't you know him?

Spin up a VPS on us

To support your projects during MCH22, we're giving out free VPSs during this event. Make sure to pick up a code at our tent.

Button mashing contest

Ready to show off your button mashing skills? We've got you covered with a quick and simple button mashing contest. Manage to become the button masher of the day and take home the trophy!

Try out a TransIPA

Come by and try out our TransIPA. Fresh, bitter sweet and thoroughly tested for exploits.