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Village Name and The Patch Warehouse plus friends and friends.png

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Part of Cluster Cold North

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Assigned Field
Description The village of and friends. Come see us, we have tea, different types of coffee brewers, ancient board games, iron-on patches and good vibes!
Preferred Location 52° 17' 1.46" N, 5° 31' 26.36" E
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Related to village Village:PRKL
Interests fr4
, arts
, badgelife
, diy
, coffee
, cooking
, music
, tinkering
, club mate
club mate
, badges
, patches
, sauna
Registered on 17 April 2022 15:48:11
Hosts self-organized sessions No
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Name Arrival Departure Bringing
Aetios Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Mon Jul 25 0:00 Cameras, film, coffee, synths?
Ankhaneko Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Arts & Crafts stuff, Dinoboi, maybe stickbugs, definitely ancient boardgames
Ble Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Simple sewing gear
CH23 Verfied.png Fri Jul 15 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 La Pavoni Professional(espressomachine), induction stove, some pans, coffee + peripherals, pain, 2 x iso-tip soldering irons
F0x Verfied.png Mon Jul 18 0:00
Guru-san Verfied.png TBD
Hawox Verfied.png Tue Jul 19 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 Essentials for myself only, limited backspack space!
Jakops Verfied.png
Kartoffel Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Specialty coffees, Comandante C40, Aeropress, Hario V60, and probably some more non-coffee thingies
Kico Verfied.png
M et al Verfied.png Fri Jul 22 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00 TBD
Marichan Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Tue Jul 26 0:00
Pinoaffe Verfied.png TBD, depends mostly on my mode of transportation
Pitastrudl Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 a frisbee,rpi,cards,cezve, a bit of coffee,trolley
Pwuts Verfied.png
Rowan8k Verfied.png Thu Jul 21 0:00 Wed Jul 27 0:00 Sauna and patches!
Sebastius Verfied.png Thu Jul 14 0:00 Fri Jul 29 0:00
Tandy1000 Verfied.png
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Who brings what

Caption text
What Amount Who Confirmed
Sauna 1 rowan8k Yes
5x5 Army tent 1 rowan8k Yes
Biertafelset 3 rowan8k Yes
cordless soldering iron 2 CH23 yes
Lever Espresso Machine 1 CH23 yees
Induction cooktop (single 2kW zone) 1 CH23 yeees
Royal Game of Ur sets At least 3 Ankhaneko tis
Stovetop with metal hob thing 1 Ankhaneko tis
Chemex and instant kofe 1-1 Ankhaneko tis