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This page is part of the Team:Volunteers of MCH2022. Feel free to look around.

MCH2022 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help and "Make Camp Happen", please participate as an angel.


Much to do, we still have.

Safety vests

We need safety vests for all people on the field during buildup and teardown.


  • Crunched numbers, nothing else.


  • Get a proper quote
  • Design a print for the back
  • Order with delivery way BEFORE the event so we can bring it to the field on thursday 14.
  • Determine policy on 'when do you give the safety vest back and when can you keep it'


Last time (SHA2017) we ordered 550 vests. We almost ran out and there was a shortage with smaller sizes, mainly medium.

Crunched numbers and sizes from the angel-system and the shirt-order. Decided we want roughly 600 safety vests. Desired sizes calculated. See below.

Numbers safety vests.png

Angel System

We're using a vanilla instance of the https://engelsystem.de/, you can find it here: https://angel.mch2022.org/login


Team sysadmin hooked our Angel system into Grafana



We also have MQTT output at mqtt.mch2022.org , our topic is 'mch2022/angelsystem' and the output is a bit of json you can make your own dashboards with!

A word from our sponsors

Several sponsors are getting custom fun iron-on patches made and these are to be distributed at least to all volunteers. Not sure if we'll hand them out or have them in bins for grabs or both. We'll arrange an iron and ironing-board. Contact for sponsoring stuff is Halcyon from Projectleiding.

Must Constantly Hydrate

We got 1500 nice refillable water bottles!

IMG 0369.jpeg


Bottles are in house!



We ordered and received 4 bottles as samples, and we tested and abused them to ascertain the quality.

Final design

Water bottle preview.png Design file: File:bottle_bw.png

Test Print

Signal-2022-05-15-140308 001.jpeg


Unit price is 0.45USD with print logo on the bottle. The shipping cost is 639USD by UPS 5-8DATS for 1500piecs

Amount paid: EUR 1344 EX VAT for 1500 bottles + shipping.


3x Carton size:47X57X52CM 500pcs/carton, weight is 18KG

So just under 0,5 m^3

Angel Badges

1D2C135B-917F-4802-B1C4-57AECCCD3EC3 1 105 c.jpeg


  • Both cards and lanyards are in hand.
  • Software is done
  • Card printers are done and working
  • We can print cards without 220v present by using a powerbank+boost converter (12v minimum output USB-C PD)


  • Verify we have enough ribbon to print 1200 cards and order more if needed
  • Organise laptops for heaven with the software on it, test setup when ready
  • Organise a way to power everything when we have no/limited power on the field yet. Extension cords or power bank or both?
  • Package everything in a handy way for transport to the field


We got some Pebble 3 card printers, wrote some code, voila custom angel badges: https://github.com/sebastius/angelbadge .


Ordered 1100 cards with hole pre-punched and printing on the back side.

Angelbadge blanc.png


Ordered 1100 lanyards (100 for team Info/projectleiding).


Angel lanyard.jpeg

Sample! Decided to change the clip from metal to plastic, to prevent badge-short-ciruits

Plastic jhook.jpeg So this clip.


Note: this shouldn't be necessary anymore now that we're ordering pre-punched cards.

Added a 9mm spacer, now at the B6 setting you'll hit the middle of the card. Perfection!

IMG 0248.jpeg

Volunteer shirt

We're doing shirts for all our volunteers again! This time we'll hand them out upon signing up as an angel, as a token of trust but also to show that this event is only possible with the combined strength of all volunteers!


Shirts have been ordered. Delivery on the field between monday and wednesday.


Design is mostly a revisit to the 2017 shirt, but with new text. Designed to be easy to produce, and therefor relatively affordable.

Angelshirt design.png


Now the shirts have been ordered these are two of four of the worksheets. Just as an example how a supplier handles these things.

Worksheet grey.png

Worksheet purple.png


Shirt colors will be Dark Purple 712 and Mouse Grey 381. It's a mix this year because of stock levels and size availability. To prevent only the plus sizes to be a specific color, we're mixing the colors in all categories.

Shirt purple.jpeg. Sols mouse.jpeg

Shirt supplier

We're ordering Sols Imperial, 11500 and 11502.

Sols Imperial 11500 (Mens): https://www.sols-europe.com/gb/imperial.html

Angel shirt men sizes.png

Sols Imperial 11502 (Fitted): https://www.sols-europe.com/gb/imperial-women.html

Angel shirt women sizes.png

Sustainability / Safety

The Sols shirts are:


Sebastius crunched numbers based on: SHA2017 angel order, MCH t-shirt sales size distribution, Angel system t-shirt size distribution. Decided to order more shirts (as they are significantly cheaper than last time), but we're adding a 'fitted' model as well (known as 'women' sizes, but no specific gender will be asked to get this shirt). According to both the ticketshop and the angel-system we roughly need 20% 'fitted' shirts. We tweaked the sizes for the fitted shirts a bit because we noticed some lanky bois also going for the fitted shirt. Which is fine, but we got some more L sizes for them.

Shirt sizes colors pricing.png

This is what we'll order


Eigenlabel.nl, contact through Sebastius or Netsmurf.


Shirts will be delivered on the field. No exact date set, we requested between monday july 18 and wednesday july 20.


Eigenlabel is estimating there will be 12 boxes of 100 shirts each, dimensions 60x60x40. Total volume is 12 * 0,144 m^3 = 1,728 m^3.