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Team Content Meeting Minutes 2020-07-04



Absent with notice

Absent without notice

Minutes volunteer


Final layout CfP

Current layout is approved, Robin failed to include a banner. Action point for Robin to redress this, action point for Aschwin to tell Robin (done). Action point for Claudia to send it to Robin.

Zammad status

No update on Zammad

Pretalx status

Action point for Erik: investigate possibility for a tick box for opting out from streaming, preferably adjacent to the current opt-out from recording.

Action point for Kirils: check in with Red Lizard on availability of wheelchair ramps on stages.

Action point for all: do more pretalx testing, do dummy submissions.

Naming stages

Action Walter: send mail to ORGA list on tools/objects emojis for stages, soliciting feedback.

Speakers' contacting

Some discussion, need has been raised to at least a list of potential speakers, Erik is going Zammad for that.

ORGA meeting on-site

Some are going, some are not.

Topics for next meeting

  • Action points from last meeting
  • Last issues for making CfP live
  • Speaker hunting
  • Any Other Business