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Bring and Donate for Keep Ukraine Connected

This is a way for you to get rid of those parts you bought for a project that never went anywhere, get new parts for a future project that might go somewhere, and donate money to charity while you're doing it.


There’ll be a selection of crates/boxes containing stuff that people have brought with them: take a look around, pick up anything that takes your fancy and leave a donation in return. Make a note of the number on any crates you took items from so we can let the person who brought them know how much they’ve raised.

Donations will be accepted by MCH Payment System, PayPal using the published QR code, or via cash (we prefer the other methods over cash). Money raised goes to Keep Ukraine Connected and helps them fund new fibre splicers to help rebuild connectivity within Ukraine.


Bring your items to MCH with you and drop them off at the Bring and Donate stand. If you can bring a box or crate to keep them in that would be appreciated, although some will be available. You'll be given a number that you will place on your box/crate, fill out a web form so we can contact you about your items if needed. This will allow you to see how much money you have helped raise and for us to get in contact with you if anything is left over. You will be expected to take home any items that people didn't want, think of this like a car boot sale rather than recycling service. Please make sure you do collect your left over items, anything left at the end will cause us problems trying to dispose of them.

Beside financing network splicers and sending them to Ukraine, Keep Ukraine connected collects, wipes config and checks operational state of all kinds of computer and network hardware.

Keep Ukraine Connected has an online inventory for Ukraine ISP’s and they can request the donated HW they are interested in. So they get exactly what they need and we avoid shipping e-waste to them that they cant use.

What to bring

Things likely to appeal to MCH attendees that you wouldn't typically find a local charity shop:

* Specialist books
* Tools
* Electronic & mechanical components
* Construction materials (e.g. wood and metal, but not bricks)
* Other craft / hobby materials

Anything from PC’s, WIFI, Switches, routers big !!! and small, optics, DWDM etc etc is welcome. If it is unusable its recycled and the proceeds go to buying splicers

Items don't necessarily have to be working, but should pass the test of "is it reasonable to imagine someone salvaging / repurposing / reusing this item?"

Please store items in a way that will not cause injury. For example stow any blades safely in a craft knife. If something is only suitable for adults then please carefully consider if you should bring it, if you do then please place it in the separate 18+ only section.

If you have a working fibre splicer to donate then the Keep Ukraine Connected would very much appreciate this direct donation. Please ensure this is passed directly to someone running the Bring and Donate stand and not left with the other items.

What not to bring

You should not bring:

* Anything that is illegal within Netherlands
* Weapons
* Anything non-obvious hazards such as asbestos, chemicals or explosives
* Anything that would breach the MCH Code of Conduct