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Name Horeca

Roles In Cluster

  • Explore which qualifications are needed and which rules apply (e.g. "sociale hygiëne?")
  • Find a good seller, make a good deal, and provide the contract to team finance to buy the needed stock in drinks, snacks, etc
  • Set prices for products, discuss them with Treasury
  • Plan all furnishing you will need like fridges, taps, bar-counter, bins, etc
  • Make floor plans for every bar
  • Get furniture and decorations
  • Devise smart volunteer setup (how will volunteers sell stuff, what distinctive roles, what do they need to know etc)
  • Devise a plan to stock bars during the event.
  • Collect bottles from all around the campsite
  • Sort bottles in crates
  • Dispose of alien bottles (not sold at the bar) properly
  • Search for event food trucks (maybe contact also with the previous ones)
  • Contact and ask for offers
  • Together with map/terrain, plan their locations
  • Together with finance/treasury make sure everything is up and running
  • Design and build chill-out/hangout spaces at the event
  • Identify special needs that visitors may have (e.g. silence) and try to accommodate them
  • Suggest the optimal locations for these lounges
  • Execute the legal responsibilities of Stichting IFCAT Foundation regarding finances (including taxes)
  • Establish an overall budget.
  • Instruct teams on how to file budget requests.
  • Triage budget requests from teams
  • Give advise regarding financial decisions.
  • Write procedures and policies, with example forms, for team expenses.
  • Reimburse volunteer expenses.
  • Manage the flow of virtual and real money at the event