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Name Publicity

Roles In Cluster

  • Create a consistent graphical style
  • Provide instructions on how to apply the style
  • Provide examples of the style in applied form
  • Find opportunities to apply the style when other teams produce documents for visitors, and work with those teams to provide a unified look and feel
  • Gather all information that visitors (are expected to) need
  • Share the information in a structured form on the wiki
  • Write summaries for the booklet
  • Check wiki edits by other teams to ensure consistency with official information
  • Create a physical information center called info desk
  • Answer questions from visitors via digital communication (e.g. email)
  • Answer questions from visitors at the info desk
  • Direct people toward other visitor oriented sources of information (e.g. Press, Volunteers, Villages, NOC help-desk) if those are more appropriate.
  • Inquire internally with other teams if an answer cannot be found
  • Proactively provide visitors/community with relevant information, e.g. via blog, Twitter, or info sheets posted on site, to reduce the number of questions
  • Accredit journalists and maintain a list of press attendees
  • Supervise press visits and give or coordinate interviews
  • Write press releases
  • Providing a press statement and press resources (for reference, see
  • Promote the event to the target audience
  • Give talks introducing MCH2022 at other events
  • Provide posters and stickers to organizations (e.g. hackerspaces) and events