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COVID-19 remains a significant health risk and MCH will contain several thousand hackers living in close proximity. We run the risk that just one particularly mobile hacker could turn MCH into a super spreader event and change some lives forever with long-covid. Prevalence of COVID in the Netherlands is at a worrying level and the number of cases that require hospital care is increasing.

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What you can do to help us help you help us all

Wear a mask, and make your village an FFP2 masked area.

We strongly encourage you to:

  • Take a rapid test (lateral flow test) the day you leave for MCH.
  • Bring rapid tests with you to take daily during the event.
  • Bring FFP2 or medical masks and wear one in all enclosed areas.
  • Be up to date on your COVID vaccinations. Vaccination reduces your chances of dying or giving others a lifelong disability.

If you test positive for COVID in the days before the event, please don't attend, because our volunteer medical team cannot have the resources to care for you. We are not able to refund your tickets, therefore we advise taking travel insurance with a cancelation policy.

If you experience symptoms of COVID during the event, please take a rapid test — if you don't have one, the First Aid tent will give you one for free.

If somebody in your village tests positive, please reduce risk and do not skip your daily rapid test.

If you test positive for COVID

  • realise that a positive rapid test means you are contagious and may have been contagious for the previous two days
  • wear a medical mask
  • limit contact with other attendees to open spaces and inform them you are positive
  • leave the event while you are able to, as even mild COVID may leave you stuck in a tent unable to get to the toilets and nobody may know if you worsen and need medical attention

If you need assistance, call MCH emergency response teams by DECT at 911 and by GSM at +31 (0)85 234 1120

What we're doing

We're paying particular attention to ventilation of our tents. Track tents will be having extra non-entrance openings in their sides.

We'll provide plenty of places for you to wash your hands, with running water, disinfectant alcohol and soap.

Toilets and showers will be cleaned regularly.

We encourage the use of face masks, especially in enclosed areas.
We consider disparaging remarks to people that wear face masks a violation of our code of conduct.

We encourage you to create entry requirements for your village that protect your fellow hackers from people who are unknowingly contagious.

We have made Rapid Antigen Tests available to staff and volunteers.

COVID-19 and Travel from outside of the EU

For visitors from outside of the EU, check the requirements for travel to the Netherlands on the official governmental website, here: