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The engelsystem is a great way to help out making MCH2022 happening, but it can be overwhelming at first use. Therefore a quick tutorial on signing up and finding your first shifts.


So you want to help out? Great! First register as an angel, so you can find thing you like to to do. The heaven can always help you out if something comes up.

The engel system has a lot of posibilities, and the starting screen shows a lot of statistics. But for now, only the register button is interesting.

There are a few options when signing up. The top section has your personal information: your nickname, a password, if the good people from heaven may reach out to you, your phone number, and if you have a DECT number registered, the number where they can reach you by DECT phone.

The check boxes at the bottom are there to indicate what kind of specialised angel shifts you want to do. When in doubt, General angels are always welcome!

When filled in, press register to start the normal sign-up-and-confirm dance that almost every website in existence use when registering.

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