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During the camp we will run a free ferry service between WSV Nulde (and hotel) and MCH2022. The ferry has a maximum capacity of 12 people, a trip between the hotel and MCH will take around 15-20 minutes (1.5km).

Ferry pickup.png

You can get your wristband at the harbor, so you don't need to visit the terrain entrance if you're arriving via the ferry.


The operation of the ferry is dependent on the availability of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, this would be greatly appreciated - please get in touch with Team:Safe Harbour

Across the water there is Postillion hotel at strand Nulde (Amersfoort, postillion-hotel-amersfoort-veluwemeer). The hotel also offers a nice restaurant to lunch or dine with a beautiful view over the water.

Next to the hotel there is a also the harbour of our friends at WSV Nulden they run a nice, friendly harbour where deeper ships can be placed. They too offer a place to sit, relax and dine. If you want to go there we can help you setup there.

If you want to go to either the hotel, the WSV Nulde you can freely use our shuttle service that runs free of charge. You have to request service at the Safe Harbour Authority which will be really easy to do. The service operates from day 0 to day 4 from 10 am through midnight and on day 5 from 10 am through 2pm. The schedule is depending on volunteers so it may be that closer to the event we will be able to offer longer hours of operations. Please help and make this a 24 hours a day operation.

For your safety

On the shuttle the captain/skipper is responsible for your safe crossing across the Nuldernauw. Dutch law requires you to follow the captain's/skipper's orders. This is not meant to be funny yet purely a safety and responsibility thing. That means when needed you get a task in the safe crossing or docking of the ship. In extreme situations has the right to refuse passengers. He or she can also demand people to use safety measures like the mandatory life vests, certain seating or requesting to wait for the next vessel to arrive. We are working very hard to make MCH2022 a brilliant experience. But please understand that we aim for 0 incidents and want you all to be safe. The second priority is to ensure you have a fun and a good time at MCH2022 our captains are very well aware of that. On board of the ferry and in the Safe Harbour we have Harbour facilities and rules#Harbour Rules Harbour rules in addition to the MCH2022 rules.