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When you don't want to bring your own tent, there was the option of a KarTent in the ticket shop. KarTents are versatile cardboard tents.

KarTents have to be ordered in advance via https://tickets.mch2022.org/ .


Kartents can be picked up in the tent:clairvoience. It is done in blocks.

Caption text
Date block1
Wednesday 17:30-19:30
Thursday tbd
Friday tbd
Saturday tbd


KarTent promises us circular prebuilt tents (ignore the comment that sleeping bags and mattresses are purchased, you have to give them back) with these specs:


When available

The KarTent company will build and hand out the KarTents on the field on day 0 and 1 (21-22 July).

Of course we want to accommodate people who are helping out with buildup, so if you are arriving earlier please add yourself to this table and we'll try to arrange something:

Who Arriving when
User:valldrac 19th
User:Procyon 20th

Rental sleeping bag and air mattress

Keep in mind that if you decided to add an air mattress and a sleeping bag when ordering a KarTent, these will be rental.

Pickup and teardown

Your kartent can be picked up on a central location on the field and moved to the village location of your preference. After your stay, please return your kartent and rented camping supplies. There will be bins for the sleeping gear and a marked container for the tents. This will help with a prosperous tear-down.