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Lost & found

Have you lost or found something? Please make an entry below, so we can help matching items to owners.


Add your item below. Describe the lost item, the location where you lost it and how to contact you.

  • Your item - where you might have lost it - your email/dect/gsm.
  • Black metal analogue watch with fairly scratched glass. Probably lost around Milliways.
    • Marcus.Berglof [a] gmail.com
  • JanSport backpack, black with a leather bottom part + some content. gori at revspace.nl
  • Two enamel mugs (dark blue and orange - united by blue).
    • Lost on the family field (probably at sinks)
    • Reach me at: anne.hako at gmail.com
MetaFight's lower power lead
Crexy's Funkwerk Dect
  • Neat stack of 3 brand new MCH shirts.
    • lost out of sight after being overwhelmed with free stickers (at the stickertable ;-) )
    • ]V[ @ irc (or just return to infodesk, will stop by regulary, thnx 2 teh finder xoxox)
  • Charger (4-Port)

Belkin Charger

  • MacBook pro magsafe2 power source 6671DFAD-14C8-42FC-A218-A78868EC9062.jpeg - Left in Finnish tent in Cold North - jkj (at) kapsi.fi, +358405422321
  • My favourite hat
    • orange fisher hat looks like this
      lost hat
    • sexyludernatascha (Ät) gmail.com
  • (Next lost item)


Have you found an item? Add the found item below. Keep the description brief and don't add properties that can be used to identify or match the owner. Don't forget to bring the found item to the Infodesk, so we can reunite it with its owner :)

  • Baby Shark Toy - Found in shuttle
  • Phone - Found near Clairvoyance
  • OV Chipkaart - Found near Clairvoyance
  • 4K HDMI Cable - Lend to a speaker
  • iPhone
  • OV Chipkaart Personal
  • USB Adapter - Found in CTF Tent
  • Glases - Found on sticker table
  • Glases
  • Knife - Found on Hopper field
  • Water bottle Aladin + Small leather case - Found in Abacus
  • T-Shirts - Found on sticker table
  • Apple Watch and a flashlight – found on the Sauna <= I lost mine at Sauna or Heaven/shower. Could you power up? It should show my telephone number. hiram@posteo.de


If something does get stolen: describe the item, location and your contact information. Be excellent to each other, don't steal!

  • Your item - contact info
  • ...