MCH2021 Orga Meeting 20200822

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MCH2021 Orga Meeting 20200822
Name MCH2021 Orga Meeting + Field Day + Camping + BBQ + Breakfast
StartDate 2020/08/22 10:00:00
EndDate 2020/08/23 18:00:00
Where Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, Nulderpad 5, 3896LV, Zeewolde, The Netherlands



               -- you are welcome to join the orga at the next --
    @@@@@@@@@@    @@@@@@@  @@@  @@@   @@@@@@    @@@@@@@@    @@@@@@     @@@  
    @@@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@  @@@  @@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@   @@@@  
    @@! @@! @@!  !@@       @@!  @@@       @@@  @@!   @@@@       @@@  @@@!!  
    !@! !@! !@!  !@!       !@!  @!@      @!@   !@!  @!@!@      @!@     !@!  
    @!! !!@ @!@  !@!       @!@!@!@!     !!@    @!@ @! !@!     !!@      @!@  
    !@!   ! !@!  !!!       !!!@!!!!    !!:     !@!!!  !!!    !!:       !@!  
    !!:     !!:  :!!       !!:  !!!   !:!      !!:!   !!!   !:!        !!:  
    :!:     :!:  :!:       :!:  !:!  :!:       :!:    !:!  :!:         :!:  
    :::     ::    ::: :::  ::   :::  :: :::::  ::::::: ::  :: :::::    :::  
     :      :     :: :: :   :   : :  :: : :::   : : :  :   :: : :::     ::  
              _ \    __|   _` |   _` |  __ `__ \    _ \   _ \  __| 
             (   |  |     (   |  (   |  |   |   |   __/   __/  |   
            \___/  _|    \__, | \__,_| _|  _|  _| \___| \___| \__| 
                09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
                 Location: Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde 
                 Nulderpad 5, 3896LV, Zeewolde, The Netherlands
                            When: 2020/08/22 12:00:00 untill 2020/08/23 18:00:0



12:00 Arival & Put up your tent
14:00 Orga Meeting
16:00 Scout the Terrain
18:00 BBQ and socializing


10:00 Breakfast
12:00 Team meetings
16:00 Cleanup Teardown
18:00 Leaving for Home

Post-meeting: Food: details will be published when available.

Buildup Friday

You can only come on Friday after an OK from the organizing team. We welcome help with buildup. Talk to Netsmurf, Stitch or Rizoom.


  • At site around 18:00
  • Setting up network + water (netsmurf)
  • Retrieving Tents until ± 19:00 (stitch)
  • Setting up first tent ± 20:00 (stitch + others)


  • Netsmurf
  • Lumi Chan + 1
  • Stitch, Rizoom
  • Konmei + 1
  • benadski
  • If you want to join, please talk to stich, netmsurf or rizoom.

Buildup Saturday

You're welcome to join at around 12:00 and help with setting up additional tents, aside from your own stuff.

Facilities and organizing

Always more tents are welcome

  • Terrain / On terrain facilities (netsmurf)
    • exact spot on the terrain the fields : Adhingerdorp, Tollebeek, Espeloo en Bante. See map.
    • Terrain booked : yes booked !
    • Boats : Yes we can use the docks, they are not exlusive, other people can use it as well but you are welcome to come by boat and dock there for the night.
    • Sanitair : Unit Torum
    • Power : Yes we can use the field cabinets, but have to bring our own power distribution.
    • Campfire : Yes !! Bring some Firewood if you have some spare at home so we dont have to buy it from the scouting.
  • BBQ (Rizoom):
    • DONE: Ordered BBQ for 80people, caterer sending cooks
  • Tents (Stitch):
    • 3 * 16x6 army tent - Good for 100 people with 1.5 meter social distancing.
    • Benches + tables (scouting)

Covid-19 safety

We have made careful preparations, please help us to follow all regulations connected to COVID19. It would be our greatest nightmare to cause a spreader event.

Here is a reminder to the Dutch basic rules:

  • If you have symptoms, get tested as soon as possible and stay at home.
  • Stay 1.5 metres away from other people.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

In addition to these rules:

  • Absolutely no hugging! Unless you belong to the same household.
  • We don’t want to run around policing people on distancing, so we will have some noise*making*thingies, like a horn (not too loud) and bicycle bells. If you hear one, check your distance. Want to help? Bring your own.
  • Stay extra aware of where you are in relation to other people. And help each other to keep distance.
  • Follow walking directions and distancing directions on the floors
  • Do not share a tent unless you belong to the same household
  • Be careful with alcohol. It tends to blur boundaries.
  • Bring at least 10 unicorns. It’s essential.

There will be tents on the terrain. Since we expect rain, we will spread out tables across the tents. This will be done in such a way that everyone can sit at 1,5 m from each other. Please do so. The benches will have a pink circle on each seating spot. Please sit on these pink circles.

Use all the sanitising products we have. Please sanitise before and after touching areas that a lot of people touch, like doorhandles, coffee pots etc. We will provide:

  • Soap
  • Hand sanitiser (70% alcohol)
  • Paper towels
  • Cleaning towels
  • Desinfecting spray to clean surface areas
  • Trash bags for the towels
  • A spot to wash your hands

We will take care of breakfast on Sunday morning, drinks, and of course the BBQ on Saturday evening. If you want snacks, please bring these yourself.

We will not provide:

  • Toilet paper (so bring some)
  • Snacks

= Cats

Here is a way too long pack list as a reminder on what to bring (although, you won’t need everything on there):

Location, getting there, parking

Scoutinglandgoed Zeewolde, Nulderpad 5, 3896LV, Zeewolde, The Netherlands


  • A party tent, because 1.5 meter distancing and staying under a roof when it rains...
  • Sleeping tent to stay the night
  • Face masks and other gear where applicable


Extensive directions and public transport will be roughly the same as in 2017. Do note that public transport options might have changed. Be sure to check!


Parking & location on the field

See below map:

Parking and location.png

If you need scalability in your maps:


Sign up by adding your name to this list. Please specify if you stay the night and if there are important dietary requirements. The maximum number of participants for the BBQ is 80, closing date for signing up was monday the 17th. But we left some spare spots, so you might be in luck.

If you did not sign up for the BBQ, you are still very much welcome to come (we hope you do!), just make sure you bring some ready-to-eat food. :) The caterer is sending a cook who will be working according to hygiene standards, please don't ask the cook to prepare food you brought from home (unless it's because of dietary restrictions).

Name Team Stays The Night Diet Comment
Imagenotfound.png Stitch Nickname: Stitch

Team:Projectleiding Yes Vegetarian I love it when a plan comes together
Imagenotfound.png Rizoom Nickname: Rizoom

Team:Projectleiding Yes Vegetarian Lets go!
Imagenotfound.png Netsmurf Nickname: Netsmurf

Team:Projectleiding Yes Meat Lets make this happen
Imagenotfound.png Attilla Nickname: Attilla

Team:Projectleiding Yes )
Imagenotfound.png Raboof Nickname: Raboof

Team:Info Yes Count me in! \o/
Imagenotfound.png Twi Nickname: Twi

Team:POC Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Polyfloyd Nickname: Polyfloyd

Team:Deco No Meat Sleeps at home
Imagenotfound.png Moem Nickname: Moem

Team:Deco Yes Vegetarian+Fish Hell yes
Imagenotfound.png Hoxolotl Nickname: Hoxolotl

Team:Deco Yes Omnomnomnivore I'm going to need a lift!
Imagenotfound.png Benadski Nickname: Benadski

Team:Power Yes Vegetarian Battery low
Imagenotfound.png Wheeze_NL Nickname: Wheeze_NL

Team:On-site_transportation No Meat (No Lactose) Null
Imagenotfound.png Loppermann Nickname: Loppermann

Team:POC Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Matje Nickname: Matje

Team:On-site_transportation Yes Meat I will come by boat and sleep on there
Imagenotfound.png Bix Nickname: Bix

Team:Productiehuis Yes Meat I have no
Imagenotfound.png Mack Nickname: Mack

Team:Productiehuis Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png PsychiC Nickname: PsychiC

Team:Productiehuis No Meat Recovering from BH2020
Imagenotfound.png Eightdot Nickname: Eightdot

Team:NOC Yes Meat -
Imagenotfound.png Cmpxchg Nickname: Cmpxchg

Team:Deco Yes Meat -
Imagenotfound.png Sproet Nickname: Sproet

Team:not yet Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Pe1pme Nickname: Pe1pme

Team:First-AID Yes Meat Love hurts
Imagenotfound.png Coldney Nickname: Coldney

Team:POC Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Chris1911 Nickname: Chris1911

Team:POC Yes
Imagenotfound.png Maeddoc Nickname: Maeddoc

Team:Shuttle Yes cyber
Imagenotfound.png Rowan8k Nickname: Rowan8k

Team:First-AID No Vegetarian cyber
Imagenotfound.png RFguy Nickname: RFguy

Team:Power Yes Meat cyber
Imagenotfound.png Hotaru Nickname: Hotaru

Team:Power Yes Meat cyber
Imagenotfound.png Entropix Nickname: Entropix

Team:Power Yes Meat cyber
Imagenotfound.png Chrisha Nickname: Chrisha

Team:Music Yes Meat bring instruments
Imagenotfound.png Martin Nickname: Martin

Team:Ticket & Entrance Yes Meat Sleeping at Postillion
Imagenotfound.png Anus Nickname: Anus

Team:ShitHitsTheFan Yes MEAT you know it's true
Imagenotfound.png Hobbybob Nickname: Hobbybob

Team:Partytent no MEAT Meat-a-tarian
Imagenotfound.png Knorrie Nickname: Knorrie

Team:On-site_transportation Yes Yay
Imagenotfound.png Lumi Chan Nickname: Lumi Chan

Team:Moebelhaus Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Nicoduck Nickname: Nicoduck

Team:NOC Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png AK47 Nickname: AK47

Team:NOC No
Imagenotfound.png PhilmacFLy Nickname: PhilmacFLy

Team:POC/Fieldphone Yes
Imagenotfound.png Mirwi Nickname: Mirwi

Team:POC/Fieldphone Yes
Imagenotfound.png Sja Nickname: Sja

Team:POC/Fieldphone Yes
Imagenotfound.png IronEagle Nickname: IronEagle

Team:Power No Attend power team meeting on the 23th of august
Imagenotfound.png Hans Nickname: Hans

Team:Power No Attend power team meeting on the 23th of august
Imagenotfound.png DanyDanman Nickname: DanyDanman

Team:not yet No Meat Can not be there
Imagenotfound.png SynQ Nickname: SynQ

Team:Volunteers Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Mrseeker Nickname: Mrseeker

Team:Projectleiding Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Nino Nickname: Nino

Team:Projectleiding Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png SweatedSan75 Nickname: SweatedSan75

Team:Security Yes sat for sure, sunday if the weather & covid are ok
Imagenotfound.png Comp Nickname: Comp

Team:not yet No Can't come anymore, wish i'd be there <3 Still volunteering
Imagenotfound.png Faheus Nickname: Faheus

Team:Power Yes Meat Will sleep in EV, some Power would be nice
Imagenotfound.png dave_o Nickname: dave_o

Team:Warehouse No Meat
Imagenotfound.png Maxell Nickname: Maxell

Team:Warehouse No Meat
Imagenotfound.png Piele Nickname: Piele

Team:Sysadmin No Meat Can operate a BBQ (on coal ofcourse :))
Imagenotfound.png Bilian Nickname: Bilian

Team:POC/Fieldphone Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Flip Nickname: Flip

Team:Power Yes vegetarian
Imagenotfound.png Exxess Nickname: Exxess

Team:POC/Fieldphone Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png fhp Nickname: fhp

Team:Family Yes Meat
Gameoflife.png konjani Could not find information about konjani .

Is this user registered?
Does this user have a profile?
Is the correct casing used in the username?
Team:Family Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Renze Nickname: Renze

Team:Badge Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Icey Nickname: Icey

Team:NOt yet Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Sigyn Nickname: Sigyn

Team:NOt yet Yes Meat/Fish
Imagenotfound.png Stern Nickname: Stern

Team:Info No Vegetarian Only saturday
Imagenotfound.png Denz Nickname: Denz

Team:Horeca Maybe Anything
Imagenotfound.png Wilcoe Nickname: Wilcoe

Team:Horeca Yes Anything Will bring +1 extra assistance
Imagenotfound.png Konmei Nickname: Konmei

Team:Terrain Yes Meat Cyber!
Imagenotfound.png Sirgoofy Nickname: Sirgoofy

Team:Info Yes Meat Cyber!
Imagenotfound.png Martian Nickname: Martian

Team:Content No Meat Only Saturday
Imagenotfound.png Brenno Nickname: Brenno

Team:Safe_Harbour Yes Comes by boat
Imagenotfound.png Boekenwuurm Nickname: Boekenwuurm

Team:Projectleiding Yes Vegetarian
Imagenotfound.png Spookje Nickname: Spookje

Team:NOC Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Quux Nickname: Quux

Team:Not decided Yes Meat Probably only on Saturday EVARIOUS
Imagenotfound.png Redlizard Nickname: Redlizard

Team:Terrain Yes Meat
Imagenotfound.png Dvanzuijlekom Nickname: Dvanzuijlekom

Team:not yet No Meat Mostly harmless
Imagenotfound.png Sebastius Nickname: Sebastius

Team:Badge No Meat yes
Imagenotfound.png Noor Nickname: Noor

Team:Info No Carnivore
Imagenotfound.png Icey Nickname: Icey

Team:not yet yes Carnivore
Imagenotfound.png Donutzz Nickname: Donutzz

Team:Partytent no Carnivore Steven/Phoxit
Gameoflife.png Michiel Could not find information about Michiel .

Is this user registered?
Does this user have a profile?
Is the correct casing used in the username?
Team:Partytent no Carnivore
Imagenotfound.png Yvanka Nickname: Yvanka

Team:Partytent no Carnivore
Imagenotfound.png Roosted Nickname: Roosted

Team:Power yes Meat The staying the night part is not so sure
Gameoflife.png Myrtle Could not find information about Myrtle .

Is this user registered?
Does this user have a profile?
Is the correct casing used in the username?
Team:Tbd no NoPork -
Imagenotfound.png Erik Nickname: Erik

Team:NOC Maybe Probaly stay not sure yet.
Imagenotfound.png --no userpage-- yes
Total 80 max: 80 for BBQ

Attendee distribution

Below information auto-updates depending on the attendees that are signed up in the above list.

I would like to be there, but cannot

  1. damnlie
  2. Manduca
  3. Sling
  4. Xenomatrix
  5. GigaWalt


I have a lift to offer from X on Day:

I need a lift from X to Zeewolde on Day:

  1. Hoxolotl (Enschede, or Amersfoort) arrival saturday, departure sunday.
  2. Renze (Enschede, or Amwrsfoort) arrival saturday, departure sunday. Travels with Hoxolotl






Collection of pictures of the field day. This helps with remembering the covid-19 measurements taken (queues, tables, toilets, social distancing, individual packaging, handed out facemasks, kitchnette among others).


What Where Price (ex vat) Price (inc vat) VAT % extra for covid-19
3x army tent, hammers, trailer 470 568 21% ±33%
Kitchenette + Tap Ikea ? 151,93 21% 100%
Extra cleaning fluid+alcohol+paper
Individually packed drinks
Benches, Tables + Party tents 40%