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# Attach C14 connector
# Attach C14 connector
Testing (4):
Testing (2):
# Plug in, plug out to see if light works
# Plug in, plug out to see if light works
# Pull on the plug and cord to see if it's firmly attached
# Pull on the plug and cord to see if it's firmly attached
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# Unpacking & cutting film (2)
# Unpacking & cutting film (2)
# Applying film & attaching connector (2)
# Applying film & attaching connector (2)
# Testing (4)
# Testing (2)
== Howto: Buildup ==
== Howto: Buildup ==

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Project Name Mood Lighting
Contact User:Polyfloyd
Status in progress
Budget 1500
Fabric Length (meter) 0

Mood lighting for in tents, but also to read non-backlit things and not trip over stuff.

1 https://www.hornbach.nl/shop/LED-Armatuur-1190-mm-IP20-24W-neutraalwit-wit/10471866/artikel.html € 7,95
8cm Cool dichroic film for color € 0 (from bulk order)
1 https://www.onlinekabelshop.nl/rechte-c14-connector-voor-montage-aan-stroomkabel € 1,58
1 C13 cable € NaN

Times a 120 (see table in pic)

Light unit needs per location


  • Power in watts: 23W / piece


  • 2022-04-03 Assembled a quick prototype using a Hornbach LED fixture and some dichroic film
  • 2022-04-05 Requested a quote for 120 fixtures from Alibaba -> price is good, but shipping makes it hella expensive
  • 2022-04-08 Acquired 120 LED fixtures from Hornbach
  • 2022-04-13 Ordered C14 connectors

Howto: Prepare

Assembly requires a sweatshop effort. The materials will be collected at Hackerspace Bitlair where assembly will thus take place.

The procedure groups below can be performed in parallel.

TODO: How many volunteers over how many hours are required?

Sweatshop 28-05-2022


  • ~4 hours should be enough
  • Make a jig for cutting the film in advance
  • Ensure enough screwdrivers, 3-4 pcs

Cutting film (2 angels):

  1. Cut 8cm strip from dichroic film roll. First cut a piece <as long as the diffuser> cm from the roll. Then cut 8 cm pieces from that, using the other dimension
  2. Place a small piece of scotty tape on one of the short edges

OR: Juerd offered Revspace's vinyl cutter. Ask for when is ok

Unpacking (2 angel):

  1. Preserve cardboard shipping box, we need this later
  2. Remove packaging, try not to touch the diffuser too much to keep it clean for the film
  3. From one of the cardboards at the end, take the metal clips out

Applying film (2):

  1. Clean any obvious dirty spots with Alklanet and a fiber cloth
  2. Separate film glue layer protector using the scotty tape
  3. Wetten diffuser with soapy water spray
  4. Apply film pressing down using a sponge, starting on the long side, gradually following the curve

Attaching connector (2):

  1. Attach C14 connector

Testing (2):

  1. Plug in, plug out to see if light works
  2. Pull on the plug and cord to see if it's firmly attached
  3. Defects? Redo the attaching connector step
  4. Place in shipping box

Parallel groups:

  1. Unpacking & cutting film (2)
  2. Applying film & attaching connector (2)
  3. Testing (2)

Howto: Buildup

There are 4 boxes with each a volume of about 40x20x140cm at Hackerspace Bitlair in Amersfoort. These should be transported to the terrain fairly early in the buildup as the lamps will be used to light working areas as well.

Once at the terrain, the lamps will be made available as according to the calculation from the spread sheet.

Howto: Teardown

  • TODO: Throw/give away?
  • TODO: How many volunteers are required?
  • TODO: How much time is required?
  • TODO: How much waste in cubic meters is produced?