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There is a DECT network at MCH2022 operated by the µPOC, additionally there will be a fieldphone network operated by the Chaosvermittlung

To activate your GAP-compatible DECT handset for use at the MCH2022 telephony network, please first register your personal extension* (link will be placed here), then just head over to the POC helpdesk at the Infodesk tent. The POC helpdesk will help you setting up and activating your phone for the DECT network.

Once activated, you call extensions within the MCH2022 telephony network, but also make free calls to The Netherlands, Germany and probably some other countries.

  • Outgoing call to The Netherlands: 0 <national number incl. 0>
  • Outgoing call to a foreign country: 0 00 <country code and number>

You can also be called from the outside world.

  • Dutch Number: (will be available later).
  • German Number: (will be available later).

* while stock lasts. Users without a dedicated number can be reached through a shared DID (see below).

Not sure if your phone is supported? Check the DECT Compatibility list.

Important Numbers

  • 2222 CERT
  • 112 CERT
  • 662 NOC
  • 762 POC
  • 911 CERT
  • 999 CERT

The complete phone book will become available in the weeks leading up to the event.


Like on earlier hacker events, the Chaosvermittlung is set out to provide a power independent and low-tech phone network.

As some of you might be wondering what the hell is a field phone and why do I want to have one if I already have a SIP/DECT phone. Let us explain a bit more about how these fieldphones work:

  • Field phones are battery powered telephones without a dialing pad connected to a central manual phone exchange.
  • To start your call you have to turn a crank on the side of the phone.
  • An operator will be alerted, answer your call and you can tell him/her which field phone or DECT/SIP number you want to reach.

Now as you know what field phones are you may still be asking yourself: "why do I want to have such a device for my OC or village". As mentioned above the field phones are battery powered and since power cuts can happen, a power independent communication channel is nice to have. Also, because field phones run on their own copper network, their service is not dependant on IP connectivity.


As we have a limited Amount of Ports on our manual exchange (60), wie like to have people telling us if they want to have a fieldphone connected (either your own or a loan device). There for if you want to have a port enter yourself in the table below.

# own device Nickname/Village/Cluster DECT (for Contact) Comment
1 yes POC - -
2 yes Parking - -
3 yes Entrance - -
4 yes Bar - -
5 yes Lounge - -
6 yes Heaven - -
7 yes First Aid station - -
8 yes Radio Studio - -
9 yes Public Phone 1 - -
10 yes Public Phone 2 - -
11 yes Public Phone 3 - -
12 yes Public Phone 4 - -
13 yes Public Phone 5 - -
14 yes Public Phone 6 - -
15 yes Reserve - -
16 yes Reserve - -
17 yes Reserve - -
18 yes Reserve - -
19 yes Reserve - -
20 yes/no You? fill in
21 yes/no You? fill in
22 yes/no You? fill in
23 yes/no You? fill in
22 yes/no You? fill in

Further information

  • There is also a sip server besides DECT, which you can use with your favorite sip client. When registering your extension, please choose "SIP Account" as extension type. The server runs at
  • There is also a good chance to enjoy DECT coverage even at the parking lot.
  • Check the SHA2022 website to see when DECT registration will open.

Behind the scenes

  • Alcatel OmniPCX 4400
    • Multiple chassis from VH to ACT28
    • Redundant CPU7-2
    • multiple DECT4HB line cards
    • multiple DECT8 line cards
    • single mode fibre connection between the different chassis
  • 1RU server with PRI card to connect the chassis to the local sip server.
  • sip uplink kindly provided by speakup.


  • 2x 30 Port Manual exchange
  • 2x 4 Port DECT Uplink

Shared DID

Phone users who don't have a national number (see above) can be called from outside the MCH phone system via a shared DID: First dial +49 32 222 130 066 and wait for the prompt. When prompted, dial the extension you want to reach, followed by the pound sign or hash key. Note: this service is not operated by the POC team, so don't complain to them if it doesn't work. Instead, call DECT 3732 for help.