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A cluster of villages that have some blue in their background  +
Area for families with kids, organized by Team:Family  +
Dutch Hackerspaces  +
Cluster for all peopple from Bavaria, Franconia and maybe Austria  +
MCH2022 Research and Education Network  +
Picnic Area to merge our villages  +
Arch Linux is an independently developed, x86-64 general-purpose Linux distribution that strives to provide the latest stable versions of most software by following a rolling-release model. T  +
The MCH2022 Capture The Flag event  +
Want to do Digital Forensics? Try our CTF!!!  +
The Colocation Center is part of the certified Realraum / Leiwandville Dome Data Center Park.  +
We will do crepe for you !  +
Tuya also sells their cloudbased IOT modules with other processors than ESP8266. We will reverse engineer this module and put our own code in a ESP8266  +
Demoparty TIC-80 Byte Jam  +
How to change the bootloader for universal control of OTA triggering  +
Find hidden radio transmitters  +
A Dutch informal hacker meetup called Fristileaks  +
This project aims to provide a HAM radio repeater  +
Gather a stamp for your hackerspace passport all around the camp  +
Next generation open source PCB design software.  +
Raising donations for Keep Ukraine Connected  +
Mail to imprisoned activists  +
An open network for secure, decentralised communication  +
Get your nails painted with any design, color and pattern  +
Yearly free hacker conference in Ghent, Belgium  +
A game played across MCH where PolyCoin units are captured by RFID card  +
Beschwerdestelle / Complaints department  +
Sauna? Sauna! What more is there to say?  +
There are several Secret Tokens hidden all over the MCH2022 Campsite, digital systems, websites, or just a random place related to MCH2022. Participants are invited to try to find as many tokens as possible and try to get the high-score on the scoreboard.  +
Stickers which can be earned by MCH2022 visitors  +
We are building a libre operating system!  +
The Royal Game of Ur sessions  +
Provide a welcome hacking environment for UNIX developers (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, illumos) and friends of the project. Including all BSD related topics, pkgsrc hacking and more.  +
self-made cocktail robot  +
We want to make waffles for the people at MCH2022. Please participate.  +
Free VM's and Colocation  +
bill sao  +
Many dutch houses now use a Honeywell V200P water meter. It is special because it uses an LC loop in its spinner. This project is about already working, but not perfect, hardware to readout this meter. I have 8 sets of ICs and coilforms to build your own.  +
SearchWing - Drone to support Search and Rescue Missions on the sea.  +
Find small hidden radio transmitters  +
Come join our party, dance to 80s music, and enjoy good company!  +
Did you ever wondered about different interesting ways in which CI/CD pipelines can be (mis)used? come and find out!  +
How to hamper facial recognition software and still look awesome!  +
User meetup for users and people interested in Arch Linux.  +
A handson workshop about automation with Ansible  +
Badge demo party  +
We'll set up a stream-based Python app to monitor new vulnerabilities by using NLP (Natural Language Processing) in realtime  +
Do you've the fastest fingers of MCH? Become the button masher of the day and bring home your trophy!  +
Screening of CODED BIAS, a film by director Shalini Kantayya  +
Showing some of the work the NFI does regarding chip forensics.  +
Cider tasting event.  +
A technical deep dive linux container workshop  +
Learn how to cook Kniddelen  +
A hands-on workshop to use CrowdSec to analyze the Log4J vulnerability  +
I'll be hosting a simple workshop on how to get started with CrowdSec.  +
Beginner dance workshops for hackers with two left feet. Partner optional :)  +
DefCon Holland Group at MCH2022  +
A talk and demo showing security misconfigurations for Kubernetes clusters and how they can be attacked  +
A workshop on GoLang and tips to write pentesting tools  +
Learn all about the development of the CityControl game app on MCH2022's badge!  +
Learn how to break out of (misconfigured) docker containers  +
Measure the power of your own brought laser, your transmitter or measure something else during drinking a cup of coffee and having a nice geek chat  +
Social event for WICCA members attending MCH and anyone interested.  +
Discussion on the Dutch Government's Digitisation Programme, featuring Ron Roozendaal. Let's co-create the Dutch government work agenda for digitization!  +
Join us in a moral deliberation on government surveillance.  +
introduction to soyben fermentation  +
Advanced brewing (fermentation) workshop/discussion  +
Tasting Chips&Crisps  +
Cider tasting  +
Kefir Making  +
Kimichi making  +
Introduction to seitan making  +
How to sourdough  +
Freemasons. Meeting for all brothers and sisters. ∴  +
Introduction to Frida for hacking android apps with hooking.  +
Using bleach to create psychedelic patterns on T-shirts  +
Integrate GNU Taler payments with something  +
A hands-on workshop about GIT version control  +
We'll make colorful glass blobs to be used as a necklace pendant for instance.  +
Healthcare themed CTF for all levels of experience  +
Come break into some medical devices and app!  +
Vincent teaches you how to hack Docker containers.  +
After this workshop, you will void warranties for a living  +
A handson workshop with the HasiStack  +
Hot Chocolate Fans Unite  +
A talk on the risks posed by quantum computers and its current use in cryptocurrencies  +
A hands-on session to understand I2C hacking  +
A hands-on session on SPI hacking  +
A hands-on session on UART hacking  +
Understanding GraphQL and how to navigate it in pentests  +
I have boxes full of hardware that I have to get rid off; come by and take some  +
If you organize projects for kids/youngster respectively you are mentor for suche a project - let us meet!  +
A kinksters meetup  +
Learn programming in Python  +
Ever want to take over the power of LIVE SYSTEMS? Come to the SHA512 village at the Turing field!  +
Come play Mario Kart 64 and Mario Party 2 with us while we project them onto our village tent in Torvalds Field  +
Join an Element Matrix Community testing session and test the latest features  +
Introducing the everest framework for charging cars and energy management -- 11 am, 24.07.2022  +
Bring your own mechanical keyboard and try out others' mechanical keyboards  +
Exchange microcontrollers with fellow hackers  +
Informal Nix "Birds of a feather" meet  +
Enough of MANI-fests, it's time for a DO-IT-FEST! Come visit our village and make a pledge.  +
Pancakes for everyone!  +
Popsicle Bridge Building Competition - Be an engineer for an hour!  +
Let’s play analog games!  +
This talk is about finding crucial info in Minecraft coupled with minecraft geekiness  +
A beginner's guide to reverse engineering and tooling used to achieve this  +
Getting root access on Android with Magisk  +
A beginner's look into the Rust programming language  +
we print on you(r stuff)  +
I will show my self built caravan with ebike conversion  +
A guided tour on how to set up your own Synapse Matrix server  +
Talks and workshops about Solid, Linked Data and the Decentralized Web  +
un 24 Juli 14:00 Red Teaming: Obtaining Initial Access through Social Engineering  +
Red Teaming / SE  +
In ~25 bite-sized & hands-on exercises we'll learn to use Terraform on AWS  +
Got a TS100 with dim display? Let's replace it!  +
Come talk about your favorite ethics books and tell us what you learned from them  +
Don't know your Alan Turing from your Model Tuning? No problem! Come and join the world's weirdest pub quiz!  +
Snappy bird flight oversight of the evolution of Identification  +
Meetup for Tor Relay Operators and interested parties  +
Start your day fit, both physically and mentally!  +
Learn about a cost-effective open-source wardriving tool and use cases  +
Bring spirits for a tasting  +
A talk on a PhD research that involved developing a set of algorithms to help interpret ancient Hebrew poetry  +
You shall not mass! Data silence  +
Learn how to create your first Matrix bot in Python or JavaScript.  +
Start your day fit, both physically and mentally!  +
Grab a box and tinker your robot. Come and show your bot and run against the clock  +
surprise party  +
Build your own artificial intelligence - no programming skills or machine learning knowledge required!  +
UK +
Villages from, or affiliated with, the UK  +
Upper Rhine Chaos and Gulash  +
A hackerspace from Unterzeitlbach, Germany  +
Hackerspace & Friends from Linz/Austria  +
/dev/privacy < Protagio Honest Cloud  +
Random (security) people from the financial sector  +
Bunch of security nerds  +
Hackers. 🦆 Rubber Duckies. 👾 Shirts. 🍹 Club Mate. Workshops. Music. Kick back and relax at the most exotic place of MCH!  +
Just some random people who like to camp and hack  +
We have the answers to everything  +
Let's talk about education, kids, ...  +
Trying to compress the internet with a Weissman score of 0.241  +
We put the 80s back in Ethics  +
Village for hackerspace ACKspace  +
Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung  +
Yesterday's technology today  +
Live streaming audio and video from the event  +
A place for anykind as long as you are belkind to each other  +
We are about fire, lasers and having fun  +
This description was breaking the page  +
AVOID — an inclusive exclusive oasis for spiritual healing...  +
May contain rubber duckies and pancakes  +
Just a belgian/finnish couple hanging around  +
A bountiful village AKA; 0CD, bugs village, Edwin's Kratje Mate, Ground Zero, NullCPTR, /heli/null  +
Stuff tends to get lost here  +
The Bikeshed village  +
just a bunch of families ans friends  +  +
Village for the current, old bluehat hackers & friends  +
Village for BornHack volunteers, participants and hangarounds. All creatures welcome!  +
Bratzen vom Dienst  +
a small group of c-base members wants to camp together  +
Crafting waffles  +
C4 Outpost  +
Chaos Computer Club Aachen  +
Just a couple of Grumpy Old Hackers  +
Software engineering community in London, England  +
Chaos Post - providing, stamping and delivering postcards at the speed of Chaos.  +
Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackspaces from mid-west Germany.  +
A place for hacking furries to hang out and do some projects together!  +
Hackerspace Essen. We are part of the Chaos-West cluster.  +
Chaostreff Dortmund Nerds  +
Radio amateurs around the CCC Germany and the DARC e.V. local association D23.  +
Moving bits all day  +
A colleague camping club!  +
The tent of Computest, full of arcade games 🕹 and parties 🎉  +
We provide crumpets  +
The official MCH2022 Capture The Flag  +
Ad-hoc group of hackers from around Europe  +
Storage for fork()s and associated parent processes from Darksystem  +
Why are they ...?  +
Hackerspace Bochum, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.  +
Science Nerds form German juFORUM e.V. and Friends  +
We are here to stay  +
Het is geen feest als deFEEST niet is geweest!  +
we are a tech community who has scheduled their meetup here  +
wannabe 1337 rockstars and their dogs  +
Members of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure  +
We brew Coffee and play with Light  +
Sub team of Dutch Picknick!  +
Friendly Nerds from all over the Netherlands  +
Organisation team, volunteers and attendees from Electromagnetic Field (UK Camp)  +
Public stage and community for sustainability topics  +
Italian End Summer Camp Crew ~Home of the (in)famous Italian Grappa~  +
Entropolis is the village of the Entropia / CCC Karlsruhe  +
Hacking car charging and green grid integration  +
Next iteration of Explody after SHA2017  +
The S-RM team on MCH!  +
everything fab academy  +
Letting our engineers roam free  +
We're flying everything autonomously  +
We are bunch of hackers from all around the world who are into food, drinks and bio, exprimenting wildly and enjoying each others presence.  +
FraMa is the shared Assembly Of CCC Frankfurt, CCC Mannheim, Noname (Heidelberg) and Friends  +
conglomerate of hackers from around the globe  +
People from the Freies Labor Hackerspace in Hildesheim, Germany  +
We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing.  +
GadgetFriday! Home of the tinkering Nerd since 1995. We love soldering, beer, soldering, more beer, hacking, playing boardgames, arduino's, FPGA's, Gameduino's, retro gaming, embedded gaming, retro coding, FPV drones, 3D-printing, 3D-milling, MSX, C64, NGC,, Bob Ross and much much more!  +
Guys from Denmark enjoying life  +
Geraffel Village is a bunch of retro vintage nerds who do IT-Security, have fun with the equipment, support the next generation and do not forget to party.  +
Hackerspace from the Lake Constance  +
Covering the entire healthcare sector and seeing what's broken, what we can break, and what's next  +
Here be dragons  +
Helferlein  +
Meta Village for people from Bavaria Franconia and maybe Austria  +
Some Belgian hackerspaces and friends  +
Hackerspace Nijmegen and #RU  +
Hacker spaces Netherlands  +
We are a very small but luxurious hackerspace in Germany  +
General Purpose British Hackers  +
Italian hacker community: Pasta, Grappa, Coffee and much more  +
Small village of around inter-connected cyberillas  +
Hackerspace based in Copenhagen. Find us at  +
Crepe & Party by French guy  +
A Hackspace from Vienna, Austria  +
People from Romandie region in Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc)  +
This village is about exploring how locks work, and sharing this knowledge with the community. We will teach you to pick your first locks and what else there is to explore in physical security. Manipulating safes, creating keys on the fly, to name a few.  +
Village of the Hackerspce/FabLab Oldenburg  +
Makerspace located in Hamburg, Germany  +
A relaxed camping hangout space for HITB friends & family  +
the village at the end of the universe  +
A small group which is interested to secure and hack some IoT-Devices.  +
Moose!  +
We develop tools and projects focused on the cybersecurity field.  +
A tapestry of transfeminine-leaning internet communities  +
A bunch of friendly nerds from mainly Karlsruhe, regular visitors since CCC Camp 1999  +
Freelancer co-working space in Trondheim, Norway  +
A bunch of nerds from a German railway company  +
A place for all neurohacking and biohacking related activities. We bring some EEG and BCI devices and will continue to do what we did at CCCamp 2015, SHA2017 and some xxC3s.  +
Three Cycles of Nothingness... Not Our Problemsch!!!  +
It is Not a Village.  +
Ukrainian hax0rs at MCH  +
Student hackerspace from Trondheim, Norway  +