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A view of the dock

A fun and cool way of coming to MCH2022 is by boat. To make this possible we have founded the Safe Harbour Authority. In the harbour we built, ships can dock, get power, water and enjoy MCH2022. You can bring your own domain to enjoy MCH2022 in all your luxury. And whilst on the ship, you are bound to your own rules as long as you're safe. The office of the Safe Harbour Authority is a place to learn and talk about tech and ships, and the home of the Vessel Traffice Service we plan to setup.

The goal of the Safe Harbour Authority is to offer an harbour for boats to dock during MCH2022, an on water camping ground for boat lovers, a ferry service, opportunities learn about technology related to boating and organizer of fun water related activities. In order to facilitate that in a safe way we will offer harbour safety services that are available 24/7 during the camp in conjunction with Team Safety. We will have offices, good communications, and trained volunteers.

Barbren on research mission in Zeewolde

Bringing your boat to MCH

To join the Safe Harbour Authority, to ask questions or to reserve your place just contact Brenno, the Havenmeester.

To join the Safe Harbour Authority, to ask questions or to reserve your place just contact Brenno the Havenmeester.

There are limited places to dock available. To facilitate as many ships as possible we dock ships stern to (yes it is a trick, but we'll help you out) as much as possible. If the harbour needs more space we will work on expanding the docking area. We have fixed pricing for stern-to docking for ships up to 15 meters or 49 feet and you can book a spot for your boat through the ticketshop. Larger ships are arranged on a case by case basis. Boats of bigger sizes have their own dynamics and will bring larger costs to facilitate. Contact the Harbour Master or Havenmeester for more information and a quote. You are only allowed to dock when a place is reserved, paid for and confirmed!

There are limits to the boats we can accept:

  • Technically ships can be as long as 90 meters in length. That limited is the limit of the largest lock that provide access to the water near MCH. But docking a 90m ship would be an interesting challenge;
  • The maximum width of ships is 9.9 meters. That limitation is also due size of the locks give us;
  • Boats currently need to be limited to 1 meter in draught at the Safe Harbour Authority due to the depth of the water in the harbour. If your ship runs deeper, please contact us for alternatives harbour. We will provide a ferry service to this harbour. If your draught is more we might have options to accomate you if you're able to anchor. Please contact us for additional information

Facilities and rules

Between 19 July and 27 July you can contact us by VHF: 88 (not confirmed) or by mail. Before 19 July you can reach us at by mail or phone: +31653536508

VHF Radio

You can reach the Safe Harbour Authority during operation and in the immediate region through Martime VHF Channel 88 (SIMPLEX!). This channel has been reserved for all harbour operations, traffic communications as well safety updates. For those using VHF-radio: You can reach the harbour with call sign 'MC HARBOUR'. In the Netherlands the regulations require you to have and use an ATIS-code after your transmission.

We will actively monitor AIS-systems during arrival and departure, to prepare for your arrival as well as provide you with safety information. Safety information will also be available through a phone connection as well as (possibly) through your MHC2022 badge. In order provide you with the best service after you made your reservation, we will contact you to obtain your ships deatils, your ATIS and MMSI codes. A Europe number is obviously not required.

Safe Harbour Authority's Office

The Safe Harbour Authority office

For the daily and nightly operations (depending on volunteers) we have arranged a Safe Harbour Authority-ship. This will be the central point and it will be open during all hours MCH2022 is in progress (21 July through 27 July). This is not just for harbour issues, but also the point of contact if something would go awry (which we obviously hope it won't).

On board we have plenty of room to deal with Harbour-issues and coordinate safety and security during shifts. This central point is the place to contact us during your stay either by VHF-radio or just to walk by. If weather permits this is also the location where we offer extra's like on-deck talks about all sorts of tech issues related to the naval world.

For the team this office offers several possibilities. We have some storage space where we can keep everything we need, a table to sit around and do our work, the ship is equipped with radio-systems for communications and a if we have a great opportunity to view operations from the deck.

We will also provide a very nice view from camp and obviously within the harbour. So you can imagine we are very happy to be able to use this ship. If you want more information on the ship, or if you want to rent it for another event, you can visit the information page of the ship here,. Needless to say it won't be available for during MCH2022 :) (but you are welcome to step aboard).

Rent your own boat

If you don't have a boat or don't want to bring your boat, but still want to sleep on one: there are options to hire one. There are boats you can operate without having a license or even as a not-so-experienced sailor. There are options for everyone. If you want to rent a boat, don't wait too long as MCH2022 is in the beginning of the holiday season and rental options will be limited. If you need help you can contact the Havenmeester for help. We can help you find options to make MCH2022 as much fun as we can.

Ferry (the Hash) to hotel and WSV Nulden

a Beautiful sunset from the terrace of the Postiljon Hotel

Across the water there is Postillion hotel at strand Nulder. The hotel offers a nice restaurant to lunch or dine with a beautiful view over the water. There are still some (crazy expensive) rooms available, so go ahead and try your luck.

Next to the hotel there is a the harbour of our friends at WSV Nulden. They run a nice, friendly harbour where deeper ships can be docked. They also have a place to sit, relax and dine. If you want to go there we can help you setup there.

If you want to go to either the hotel, the WSV Nulden you can use our shuttle service that runs free of charge. You can request this service at the Safe Harbour Authority. The service operates from day 0 to day 4 from 10 am till the evening and on day 5 from 10 am through 2pm. The schedule is depending on volunteers, so we may be able to operate it for longer hours during the event. If you want to help out, please register as an Angel and put in some shifts for the Safe Harbour Authority.

Ferry schedule

We will publish the schedule once it is available.