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1st line contacts: Rizoom
Is an exclusive team: No
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Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Rizoom
Backup Contact at projectleiding: User:t.b.d.

Team Members

What does team Cohesion do?

Team Cohesion is the ducttape of the event. Our primary function is to be there to mediate in cases where the code of conduct has been broken (mostly during the event). But at SHA2017 we did more than that, and would like to be able to do that again. We just want to be there for any situation in which people feel unsafe, overwhelmed or just need someone to talk to for a moment.

Everything we do is done based on what the involved people need, and might include taking a walk with someone to make sure they are ok (orga or visitor), guide people to the on-field doctor if needed, be a spokesperson if someone needs it, etcetera... Basically anything that can help on the social and emotional level (that is not professional help).

What does the team Cohesion need?

We pick up shifts during the event, these shifts are best picked up in pairs of 2. Experience teaches that there is also some idle time, which allows for 8 hour shifts (with an option to rotate earlier if something taxing happens).

We need people that fit the following description:

- empathic

- good listener

- strong social skills

- willing to learn and help

- some experience in a social role is a pre

Would you like to give it a try, but are you not sure you can manage? Reach out to me, and we can discuss this.

Suggestions on people who might be good for this role are also very welcome.