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Team Content Lessons Learned

What went well

  • Have a (bi) weekly meeting, consistency in that worked well
  • Have meeting notes and action points
  • Have a fridge in the speaker desk tent
  • HDMI test at the speaker desk
  • The box of AV adaptors and various cables
  • Label printer (eventually!)
  • Have a special sticker only for speakers
  • Let visitors vote what they would likely attend
  • Herald cue cards
  • Stickynotes weekend

What could be done better

  • Allow for more redundancy in the team, because COVID is a bitch
  • Ensure for more ticket types than just financial support tickets/more fluid UX
  • Decision-making process on financial support of speakers. Make having that process an early deliverable, as early as the CfP. Use past requests as use cases for that process.
  • Split the team in sub teams/tasks so that we don't need 10+ people in every meeting
  • Treat SpeakerDesk more like HeraldDesk, so involvement pre-event is more limited
  • Have Team:SpeakerDesk involved in the Team:Content meetings once a month / every 2 months, not necessarily every meeting. They are seperate teams.
  • Have the same HDMI cable as used in the (workshop) tents for testing the speaker laptop
  • Sync up better with Productiehuis beforehand
  • Lightning talks coordination fell through almost completely
  • Improve publlication process from PretalX to public schedule, the static export function proved to be a real pain in the behind.
  • Notice that speakers did not arrive yet (have a better process for dealing with this)
  • Be clearer about role and time expectations, and make sure everyone is willing to commit to those
    • Fundraising, somehow this has been a responsibility of Team Content, this should at least have been communicated beforehand by Projectleiding and it would make sense for Projectleiding to "own" this, in collaboration with Team Content, and not the other way around.
  • It looked like the expectations of what's part of content, what's part of speaker desk were not aligned always:
    • Visa
    • Assisting the speaker with financial support
    • Stages/tents
    • ...
  • Understand requirements for Workshop tents better
  • variety in team
  • no veto's
  • Do realise the event lives in CET/CEST, too often meetings were messy because of people expecting BST/EET.
  • Tents and fresh (!) sleeping gear for a few speakers was difficult to acquire later during the event

Suggestions for the next event

  • Make it possible to only have the role reviewer
  • Vet the speakers more thoroughly
    • Strongly prefer watching a video of a speaker before? Both for content and fluency. DWizzy (talk)
  • Smaller sub teams
    • Also make sure there is a subteam for subsidies (Do we have a document store with the subsidy request paperwork for MCH we can copy pasta?)
  • Make it possible that Angels can use a part of the content management system so you need less people of Team Content/Speaker desk during the event
  • Check if people are available hours/a day before they need to be on stage. Especially if the people presenting the first shift of the day are registered. Pretalx didn't really help here.
  • Start 1.5 year before the event
  • Have someone at Projectleiding responsible for *all* stages, including workshop stages.
  • Figure out process for accepting sooner, especially in light of (financial) support of speakers for which there will be constraints in time (plane tickets get more expensive, visa processes take time)
  • The above allows for more active scouting of interesting speakers
  • Make it clear that if you drop out without communication that you cannot challenge decisions made during your absence.
  • Figure out financial support for speakers criteria, and process to apply those criteria, way in advance.
  • Ensure sticky notes meeting is booked very very far in advance
  • Agree handover/touchpoints between Content <> SpeakerDesk <> PH (productiehuis?) <> HeraldDesk <> Team:Info
    • Established communication lines: phone numbers, e-mail, radio...
    • Established broadcasting: if changes in the schedule (or other events like blackout?) announce it through slides on the monitors (through Productiehuis?), heralds, Twitter..
    • Make sure process for guests/speakers is clear at all three entrances (harbour, logistics gate/shuttle, parking/main entrance).
      • Maybe a cheat sheet at the locations so there’s no dependence on others (not all angels are trained well enough)
  • Have the lightning talk coordinator in at least 2 of the team content meetings and a few of the team: Speakerdesk meetings
  • Make sure there is a publication system well understood for the lightning desk coordinator
  • Make sure either the lightning talk coordinator performs angeling or there is coordination with the herald desk
  • Call for performances/art/entertainment so we get performances from the community (and perhaps cheaper) instead of booking them
  • Lockbox for gator keys, so not dependent on the holder of the key to be around.
  • Availability of booklets etc. for speakers
  • locked stash of exclusive stickers etc., only have the daily amount on the desk
  • speaker lounge a bit larger and more separated from the team desks; enough place to shelter from rain and sun
  • more visible water boiler so people drink tea and coffee, and enough hot beverage cups. Perhaps a way to keep cups in the tent?
  • Ice cubes
  • have a few spare tents/sleeping arrangements in advance for speakers

Intend to join team Content for the next event



  • Walter (really people, had to gather energy to tinker with this lemma on the wiki)


  • Martian
  • Claudia
  • Robin