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Bringing beauty to the party
1st line contacts: Moem, Polyfloyd
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Rizoom
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Stitch

Team Members

We are on Signal, contact Moem or polyfloyd to be added.

Next meeting

Deco Map Planning meeting - July 5th 2022 - 20:00 -

Mood board

Click here.


The Decoration Team divides work into separate projects. If you as a decoration team member have an idea about what to make, please create a new project and fill out the details according to the template.

Budget excel file for team Deco'


Project NameContactStatusBudget
Banners for team ContentRizoomin progress600
CrystalsPolyfloydin progress1,600
Datenklo WrapperMoemidea200
DragonHoxolotlin progress1,400
Entrance GateMoemin progress2,000
FabricMoemin progress300
Jungle FlowersHoxolotlprototype3,000
MCH LettersMoemin progress500
Mood LightingPolyfloydin progress2,700
Phone BoothsOliverin progress500
RGBlocksSA007in progress1,000
SignageMoemin progress500
Tarp SculptureJagenauidea500
Triangular Bipyramidal Ether LightHafniumin progress7,100

Abandoned projects and prototypes:

Project Name
Avonturenhuis Window Lights
Light Pillars

We have a pad:

Sneak preview of what we are working on



When What
2022-05-01 Print shop order
2022-05-08 China 3wk shipping time constraint
2022-06-01 Soft deadline for projects

Print shop Order

On <date TBD> we will place an order at <some print shop, probably Drukwerkdeal> for the following items:

  • Fence banners for [Map]
  • Location marker stickers for [Map]

Ideas and whatever:

  • Small entrance markers (2 painted wooden plates besides the entrance path near the road)
  • Lights pointed at the dyke
  • UV illuminated stuff
  • (req. by philmacfly, POC) field phone pedestals and call booths -> Unresponsive


Chronologically descending order

Extra meeting

Team Deco meets every 2 weeks, at 21:00 after the biweekly @ Jitsi