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Team Info[edit]

First line contact(s):
'This field uses autocomplete.'
Is an exclusive team:
Team members in an exclusive team only have responsibilities to this team, and cannot be involved in other teams.
The mailing list of the team (like "Family@lists.MCH2022.org")
The IRC channel the team uses ("MCH2022-Family" becomes #MCH2022-Family)
This team is required for the event:
Meaning: without the deliverables of this team the event can not continue. For example: team:power is a requirement for lectures, recording, sanitation and so on. Counter example: a badge is a great add on to the event, but even if it fails, the event can continue safely. Crucial teams contribute to safety, essential services, hygiene, health.
Status: Team has contact information:
Meaning: a new volunteer or the existing network of volunteers can easily contact this team and ask questions or status information.
Status: Team has informative wiki page:
Meaning: the wiki page of the team details a bit of their plans, how they do it and what they provide to others. It contains who the team members are. This is a treasure trove for next events, as well as a way to streamline information to other teams.
Status: Team has meetings are planned until the event:
Meaning: the team is in control and regular meetings / gatherings to check progress, todo's, questions and whatever is relevant to the team. Meetings do not always need to be formal or documented in order to set this checkmark of course.
Status: Team has enough orga-volunteers to function:
Meaning: there are enough dedicated people on the team that everyone on the team can enjoy at least two days at the camp without doing anything for this team. The stress level is relatively low because work is shared among team members. Angels are excluded in this metric: note that angels often need training, which also takes time which must be allocated. Examples of what this being unchecked can mean: people are not exclusive to this team and thus cannot guarantee time before and during the event, there are tons of plans but no actual work is planned, performed or managed, people are out of reach, there is no backup for crucial team roles, there is no time allocated to instruct and guide angels. There is no tracking of progress.
Status: Team has drafted a budget:
Meaning: there is a table of expected expenses and projected income. This consists of listing of items, with their price. This does not need to be public, but team:finance must know. If there is no budget, the finance team / board will try to determine one: better to be in control yourself, so allocate, estimate and write it down.
Status: Team has informed team:volunteers:
Meaning: if there are any angel requirements, or orga-volunteers needed, team:volunteers is aware of their numbers and needed capabilities. Yes you can search yourself, and you can also get more searching capacity if these numbers and skills are shared.
Contact at projectleiding:
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

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