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[[File:Infotentlayout v1.png|thumb|right]]
==Team Members==
==Team Members==

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Team:Info takes care of disseminating information intended for visitors.
1st line contacts: Noor, Raboof
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail: info@lists.mch2022.org
Responsible for: Role:Info
IRC: #mch2022-info
Contact at projectleiding: Boekenwuurm
Backup Contact at projectleiding:
Infotentlayout v1.png

Team Members

Calling all teams!

Dear other teams, we need information from you!

If you want to announce (tweet, blog, document) something, get help with the wiki, please feel welcome to contact us!

You can reach us 'privately' on info@mch2022.org or join the public team mailing list at info@lists.mch2022.org. Singing up for this list via info mailinglist

Blog post reviewing and publishing process

We have vacancies!

We would like to add another 1-2 people to this team - get in touch if you're interested! Check out the 'Responsibilities' section below for specifics. (But those are not set in stone, we are flexible. ;) )


See Roles#Info.

We will of course share the work within the team, but:



Physical infodesk

During the event, there will be a physical infodesk, to be manned by angels.

To do:

  • Determine opening hours - would 10:00-22:00 be doable?
  • Create angel instructions based on the Infodesk Manual. → Working on it. See new and unimproved, unverified and incomplete Infodesk manual.
  • Make sure we're in the Angelsystem


Based on SHA2017 booklet. For graphics we should get in touch with Team:Huisstijl. Perhaps also for printing?

Coordinate distribution with Team:Ticket & Entrance.

Meetings for MCH2022

Team:Info mostly works asynchronously. If you want to do or discuss anything, feel free to join our IRC channel or email.


Old MCH2021 stuff

Team members for MCH2021

Meetings for MCH2021

Team:Info mostly works asynchronously. If you want to do or discuss anything, feel free to join our IRC channel, Matrix group, ask Noor to get added to our Telegram group (all these are bridged), or get in touch directly.