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This team takes care of ordering & distribution of tables and chairs for the event.
1st line contacts: User: no-one@nowhere.not
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members


If you still didn't get your tables, you are not alone
At least they have sent a mail that 'today' (Friday) they will come...

Team Description

This team will take care of the following activities:

  1. Furniture organization
  2. Buildup
  3. Support during the event
  4. Teardown

Funding for Teams

Please include furniture costs into your MCH 2022 team budget. Below you will find a list from last year´s prices as a reference:

Item (Dutch) Item (English) Team Costs
stoelen (algemeen en voor track tenten) chair Orga € 1,44
tafel 180x76 table 180x76 Orga € 5,38
tafel 200x76 table 200x76 Orga € 4,87
biertafel beer table Orga € 5,38
bierbank beer bench Orga € 3,59
Event fencing open event fencing open Orga € 2,97
Kleine koelkast small fridge NOC € 46,02
Barkrukken bar chairs Bar € 5,07
Statafels bar tables Bar € 9,17
Prullenbakken waste basket 50L Bar € 4,61
Werktafel rvs kitchen work table Bar € 43,52

Furniture Ordering

If Moebelhaus orders for you as a team, please make sure you planned enough budget, since we will only organize the distribution part.

Please kindly note that you can only order furniture, if you belong to a team or a village. If you still need a few chairs and tables, please connect yourself to a village and order the required furniture together with them. In this way, we are reducing the efforts for volunteers delivering/collecting the furniture. Thank you for your understanding.

Kartents can be ordered by anyone via the tickets pretix system.

  1. Teams: To request furniture for your team, please get in contact with Team on-site transportation (Manduca - Keep in mind that we probably need to ensure 1.5m distance and have to follow certain seating rules.
  2. Villages: You can order your required furniture (tables/chairs/beerbenches) via the moebelhaus pretix system. Please note that you can only order tables and chairs in combination with a tent. If you have a fair amount of people and are bringing a big tent, please contact moebelhaus and we look for a possible solution.

Furniture Distribution

    • KARTENTs:
      • Kartents will be placed at a certain spot on the field. You can pick your orders up with your personal voucher. The vouchers will be generated and sent out by the pretix system.

1. Furniture Organization (preparation before the event starts):

  • Furniture planning & ordering:
    • Define furniture types that can be ordered and by whom
    • Decide on rule sets (e.g. tables & chairs only when ordering a tent)
    • Clarify price structure for villages/teams
    • Collect contact information to plan delivery (team names & contact names)
    • Participants/Villages: Pretix
      • Collect orders from Pretix system
      • Select possible chair/table types
    • Define Voucher process for participant/village orders
    • Align finance & ordering lists
  • Furniture arrival & return:
    • Delivery to LSD (Logistic Storage Domain) (date clarification) & return of delivery (date & time)
    • Check, if forms exist to accept the furniture
    • Plan picture documentation of the stacks at time of delivery
    • Clarify when and how to count the deliveries
  • Planning of additional equipment:
    • Storing of charge carriers / crates
    • Clarify re-use / throwing away of packaging material
    • Clarify how to book/request wheel loaders
    • Check, if other vehicles are available (e.g. VANs, handcarts etc.)
  • Angel coordination:
    • Create an "angel how to"
    • Define a helpdesk
    • Request for angel shifts
  • Planning how to distribute/return furniture:
    • Distribution logic & collection logic to be defined
    • Clarify possible start of furniture delivery & collection (define return date)
    • Define use of vouchers
    • Organize field plan to map required furniture to the team/assembly/participant location
    • Find out delivery/collection hours (e.g. only before sundown, before start of the event etc.)
  • Planning of Documentation:
    • Define a documentation method for the handover and re-collection of the furniture + kartents