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Off-site transportation
If necessary available to transport equipment to campsite.

If necessary, since at the last event transports like these were just handled by villages themselves. If there is no need for this service this team will not be activated, however if there is a need for this, one or more small trucks will be rented and can be used to transport needed equipment and materials to and from the campsite when the buildup starts and possibly from the campsite during teardown.

1st line contacts: Quux
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:Off-site
Contact at projectleiding: Stitch
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members


To reduce the total amount of kilometers to be driven and the amount of vehicles rented by the organization. This team provides off-site transport to and from the event for other orga teams. We have 'kavbusjes with lifting platform' so pallets and carts can be transported.

Volunteer drivers and copilots needed

Want to go on a roadtrip through the Netherlands before or after the event and help make it happen without missing any of the main action? Are you an experienced, reasonable and defensive driver that can safely drive a loaded truck with a car license? Or a motivated copilot to handle navigation and communication while on the road? Or a team of both? We'd love to have you!

If you want to help out please contact User:Stitch or anybody else from this team. We need your help before and after the event. You don't have to be there during the whole buildup or teardown, you can do just one but also multiple tours, depending on when you have time.

Requesting transport

  • If your payload is small enough to be transported in a private car that is driving anyway and has space, prefer this option.
  • Driving around in a truck is expensive. If you need something transported from far away (e.g. outside the Netherlands), a private courier (shipping) is more economical.
  • Every pickup location costs additional time and our volunteers' time is precious. Try batching your payload with other teams if possible (e.g. at a Hackerspace). If your item is not too big and <30kg, consider just mailing it at a nearby post office.
  • We operate efficiently by batching requests. Please be as flexible as possible with regards to pickup and drop-off dates and times.
  • To make pickup and return efficient, please have a person waiting for our drivers. We will call them some time before to make sure they didn't forget about us. Alternatively, have detailed pickup instructions and give us keys before the event.

  • Requestee
  • Team:
  • Contact: Name, e-mail, phone, irc, all the things. If anything's good or wrong, you'll know :)
  • Stuff: What you need transported
  • Fragile: True/false
  • Estimated size: (length*width*height) Please try to fit stuff on wrapped pallets, having nothing stick out on the sides, height up to 2.20m
  • Pallets: Amount of pallets
  • Pickup date range: DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm (if TBD, guess)
  • Return date range: DD-MM-YYYY HH:mm (^^)
  • Pickup location: City, street, number
  • Return location: City, street, number
  • Pickup/return instruction Point of contact with phone number we can call half an hour before rendezvous. Handling, pickup/return instructions


Expecting: deco, badges, noc equipment, warehouse, safety, productiehuis, family village, merch and more.

Requestee Team What Size N Pallets Pickup Date Range Return Date Range Pickup Location Return Location Contact of Requester Contact on Site (possibly private) Instructions
Stitch (06 1342 5622) Projectleiding All printed MCH materials + Prints for deco team 4 carts 4 Preferably over the weekend Nothing is returned 's-Hertogenbosch (=Den Bosch) User:Stitch User:Stitch Let me know when you drive... -
User:Moem Deco The gate + wood for signs ? 1 or 2 Early in buildup week Nothing is returned Wijchen Nothing is returned User:Moem User:Moem These are mostly flat materials -
User:Netsmurf Party/Horeca Tosters/fryers/washing machine/dryer/etc ? 3 or 4 14-18 July 28-29 July Akersloot Akersloot User:Netsmurf User:Netsmurf Keys are needed to access location
User:Polyfloyd Deco Light fixtures, needed by other teams so they do not trip 8 boxes of WxHxD and power cords 1-ish early build up late teardown Bitlair, Amersfoort Preferrably none, give away User:Polyfloyd User:Polyfloyd Any Bitlair participant can provide access
User:Polyfloyd Deco Crystal Obelisk decoration 16 units of 140x32x32cm and a box of pedestals 1-ish, the units can be stacked but nothing else can be stacked on top Day -4 to Day -1 late teardown Polyfloyd's home near Amersfoort User:Polyfloyd User:Polyfloyd User:Polyfloyd Any Bitlair participant can provide access to pickup location