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It's possible to arrive earlier than the start of the event. If you do, you are expected to help with build up. The best thing then is to contact Volunteering to request to be there. Large villages can start their buildup somewhat earlier since there is a limit on when trucks can unload/load on the terrain: see the FAQ

If you want to enter the Field with a vehicle for buildup, please select a date and time here. If multiple people arrive in one vehicle only one person should fill this field. That data will be aggregated for all users and shown on the Camping/Buildup page. The idea here is to prevent traffic jams by spreading out the arrival of vehicles that want to enter the field.
It's possible to stay a few days after the event to help with teardown, you're invited too. But please contact Volunteering to request to be there. For more detailed planning of terrain access, see the FAQ
this field is added because of a bug in mediawiki, where datetime fields ONLY show the date picker when a date picker is loaded on the page. This apperantly how they test their software. So we have to hack around it.

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