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Mushroom mushroom.

Status: Searching for team members

1st line contacts: Halcyon
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
IRC: #MCH2021-badge
Contact at projectleiding: Halcyon
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

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We're currently forming a team. If you're interested in joining, write your name after a team position. If there's already a name, you can write yours next to it. A team will be formed from those who signed up soon.

  • Project lead: ???
  • Sponsor communications manager: ???
  • Hardware lead: Renze
  • Hardware sourcing manager: ???
  • Hardware developers: quorth
  • Artists: ???
  • Software lead: Anne Jan
  • Software developers: (Renze), Robot
  • Delivery manager: ???
  • User documentation: Jenny
  • Team members: You.P,


Project lead

You're here to guide the team to the finish line. Throughout the highs and lows, you're the tether that helps the team stay on track.

You're responsible for:

  • Forming a great team from the people who applied
  • Being aware about the bus factor and making it better than 1 ;)
  • Organising and chairing regular meetings with the team
  • Making a project timeline with close advice from the team, and keeping it updated throughout changing circumstances
  • Scaling the project's ambitions to ensure that the badges are available to visitors functionally and on day 0
  • Being in contact with Projectleiding regarding progress, budget etc

You're responsible for:

  • Being in contact with (potential) sponsors and getting parts and cash for the project
  • Communication with project lead and hardware team about the sponsorship deals

Hardware lead

You're responsible for:

  • Managing the hardware team
  • Keeping track of the hardware design in our git repository
  • Communicating with the hardware designers
  • Communicating with the project lead
  • Communicating with the artists
  • Communicating with the hardware sourcing manager
  • Communicating with the sponsor communications manager
  • preparing the production files for the production partner in China (e.g. gerber files, pick&place files, bill of materials; all double-checked with the team)
  • making sure the hardware designers know who is working on what, preventing conflicting changes.

As you can see this position requires a lot of communication, maybe a bit less actual hardware design work.

Hardware sourcing manager

You're responsible for:

  • Searching for parts
  • Checking parts prices
  • Making sure all parts that are needed are available on time for production
  • Communication with our sponsor communications manager
  • Communication with our hardware lead

Hardware developer (multiple)

You're responsible for:

  • Developing new features
  • Getting rid of bugs
  • Creating tickets
  • Solving bugs
  • Working in a team together witht he hardware lead

Artist (multiple)

You're responsible for:

  • Styling and artwork for the hardware
  • Styling and artwork the firmware
  • Styling and artwork for the Hatchery

Other thoughts:

  • This position can be filled by a team of creative geniusses
  • Knowledge about svg files / Inkscape would help a lot
  • Communication and punctuality are key for this team as other parts of the team are depending on you!

Software lead

You're responsible for:

  • Managing the team of developers
  • Making sure a golden image is available in time for production / sweatshops
  • Testing and publishing firmware updates

Software developer (multiple)

You're responsible for:

  • Developing new features
  • Getting rid of bugs
  • Creating tickets
  • Solving bugs
  • Working in a team together witht he software lead

We're looking for people who can help with the Hatchery, badge firmware and badge fpga logic.

User documentation

You're responsible for:

  • Documenting each software milestone from an end user perspective

Delivery manager

You're in charge of everything related to logistics, like sending/receiving components throughout development and production, ordering plastic ziplock bags, arranging flyers, and arranging transport of the final badges to the event.

Team member (multiple)

You do things for the project and report to the team leads. You can have multiple interests, but we recommend sticking to one at the time.

The previous (MCH2021) team


In the process of forming a team.


For now communicating mostly via Telegram (IRC bridge)