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Working on an epic event badge once more.
1st line contacts: Pwuts
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Halcyon
Backup Contact at projectleiding:


TL;DR: Hardware: preparing for production. Software/firmware: getting up to speed, looking for contributors.



Prototype 3 (pics) arrived mid-January. Proto 4, the last prototype, arrived in late April and will be handed out to all current software/firmware developers and also to new/external contributors. If you want to contribute to the core firmware, system apps, or the pool of available apps on day 1, let us know and we can send you a badge!

Enough components have been sourced for 3600 badges, with the possibility of expanding to 4000 in case we have budget for it.

We are very much looking for firmware and software contributors, see also Vacancies. Most important projects to be picked up:

  • Core firmware (C/C++) (OTA updating, launching apps)
  • Hatchery (badge app)
  • Hatchery (online; needs support for standalone firmware-apps + UI makeover)
  • Web-based Badge IDE, especially an FPGA dev environment
    • Implementation of WebUSB would add tremendously to the UX here
  • Documentation (aimed at easy start and overall UX)


Proto 4 development units are being post-processed and shipped.

Pre-production PCB-assembly testing will start very soon. If successful, ≥3600 badges will be produced in China.

As soon as the produced badges arrive in NL, they need to be packed together with batteries, flyers etc. -> sweatshop time! (dates & times TBD)



Twitter: @BadgeteamNL (DM or tweet at us)

Telegram: e-mail Renze or Pwuts to join

Discord: (not preferred; backup for those without a phone or Telegram)

Team Members

The team has been working on the badge for a while now, but we still have a number of open positions. If you are interested in joining, contact us via Telegram or send an e-mail to Pwuts via

Role Member
Project lead
Hardware lead
Hardware developers

Guru-San (audio output)

Production & sourcing manager
Software lead You?
Badge IDE architect You?
Firmware developers

Jana Marie (RP2040)
JorisW (MicroPython core)
Sprite_tm (bootloader)
mecrisp (FPGA)
tnt (FPGA)


Software developers

urish (Wokwi badge simulator + dev environment)

App developers You?
Artist Nikolett
Propagandist Jenny
Delivery manager V1s3r1on


The event is nearing and we could definitely use some extra hands to make the badge experience smooth, accessible and totally awesome.

Below are a number of roles you could fulfill. If you are interested in helping out and joining the team, contact us!

Software lead


  • Planning and keeping track of development milestones
  • Making sure a "golden" firmware image is available in time for production / sweatshops
  • Testing and publishing firmware updates
  • Making sure the firmware, hatchery and other components and their developers talk to each other

Note: you may combine this with the role of Badge IDE architect


  • The chance to talk about the software to a large audience at MCH2022
  • Getting to work on one of the most technically advanced and ambitious event badges so far
  • The chance to deliver great UX to an audience of thousands directly (and even more indirectly if this spreads to other events or the internet)

Badge IDE architect

Something that would make the badge much more accessible to beginners and also 1337x cooler is an IDE that connects to the badge over WebUSB and integrates with the hatchery. Plug your badge in, connect to the IDE, write apps and run them directly on your badge, and publish to the hatchery with the click of a button. Can you imagine how this would work? Good! Please contact us :)

Note: this role can be combined with the role of software lead.

To fulfill this role, it would probably help if you:

  • Have experience with web development;
  • Have worked with embedded development tools like PlatformIO or the Arduino IDE, or Android/iOS development tools, to have an idea of those workflows.


  • The chance to deliver a one-of-a-kind open-source IDE for the most popular badge platform out there

Software developer (multiple)

You'll work on our badge infrastructure, so everything that doesn't run directly on the badge but is essential to the badge experience.

Things you can work on:

  • The Hatchery, the most popular event badge app store
    • is in need of a makeover
    • needs support for standalone binary apps (as opposed to MicroPython apps which are currently supported)
  • An online IDE (with WebUSB integration) for the badge, with support for ESP32 and ICE40 FPGA development, see also Badge IDE architect.


  • Getting to work on one of the most technically advanced and ambitious event badges so far
  • Contributing to the most popular event badge platform in existence (that we know of)
  • The chance to deliver great UX to an audience of thousands directly (and even more indirectly if this spreads to other events or the internet)

Firmware developer (multiple)

You'll work on the firmware for the ESP32 and/or RP2040, which together form the operating system of the badge.

The firmware on the ESP32 consists of multiple parts you can work on:

  • A launcher firmware, which handles WiFi configuration, firmware updates, and downloading and launching apps
    • The launcher could use a GUI
    • The downloading/installing apps part (hatchery client) has yet to be started on
  • A MicroPython runtime, which can run MicroPython apps from the hatchery and provides them with access to the system API's

The firmware for the RP2040 is less complex, but it must be very stable. The RP2040 acts as the USB interface (USB-serial, WebUSB, USB-HID etc.) of the badge, and as an I/O-expander.

App developer (multiple)

You can work on apps that make the badge fun and part of the event. Since you can now also write apps that utilize the FPGA, the possibilities are almost endless!

Some apps will also be shipped with the badge, so if you want to have yours preloaded in the "day 0 firmware", this is your chance!

You can work on:

  • An interactive talk schedule for the event
  • Something that interacts with the connected decoration on the terrain
  • An angel app that notifies angels of open shifts (check out Team:Volunteers#Angel_System)
  • Supporting sponsors who want to make an app for the event
  • any other app that adds to the MCH2022 experience


You're responsible for the badge documentation, entailing both hardware and software, so end users can easily get started with their badge.

Team member (multiple)

If you want to contribute but don't know what exactly, feel free to reach out anyways. We can always use a pair of hands!


General meeting 2022-05-07

The previous (MCH2021) team