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Part of Cluster Infra
1st line contacts: Wheeze_NL
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for: Role:ROC
IRC: #mch2022-roc
Contact at projectleiding: Halcyon
Backup Contact at projectleiding: Stitch

Team Members

Lessons Learned

  • Do not use DMR for events like this. People might be able to bring their own equipment, but the audio-quality is not good enough for the occasional user.
  • Tetra would probably be the better choice.
  • Have 10 to 20 radios prepared and ready to use from the moment PL arrives on site. Having site-coverage for those is a very nice to have, but not a must-have just yet.


Stands for Radio Operations Center You can reach us at DECT 2580 (Group)

Current reservations:

Most of our Infra is hooked up in Infra:Tower and the hardware is placed in Infra:E0.

Channels and Config

Channel Channel name Rx-Freq Tx-Freq ID ColorCode Timeslot Direct/Repeater Teams
1 Orga 464.9375 454.9375 101 8 TS1 Repeater All Orga
2 Safety 464.9375 454.9375 102 8 TS2 Repeater Security, First Aid, Fire Prevention
3 MCHarbour 464.9750 454.9750 103 8 TS1 Repeater MCHarbour, Fallback-channel for Emergency-handling by Safety
4 Infra 464.9750 454.9750 104 8 TS2 Repeater NOC, POC, ROC, Power
5 Logstics On-Site 464.9000 454.9000 105 8 TS1 Repeater Logistics On-Site
6 SiteWideSpare 464.9000 454.9000 106 8 TS2 Repeater To be used if someone has a long-distance job for a while.
7 Productiehuis 454.9250 454.9250 211 8 TS1 Direct Productiehuis
8 Power 464.9250 464.9250 212 8 TS1 Direct Power
9 Direct-01 454.8875 454.8875 201 8 TS1 Direct
10 Direct-02 464.8875 464.8875 202 8 TS1 Direct
11 Direct-03 454.9125 454.9125 203 8 TS1 Direct
12 Direct-04 464.9125 464.9125 204 8 TS1 Direct
13 Direct-05 450.38125 450.38125 205 8 TS1 Direct
14 Direct-06 460.38125 460.38125 206 8 TS1 Direct

If you BYOD, and you do not have a special configuration such as HAM-Radio, please step by ROC for programming your radio.


Bringing your own DMR-radio to use when you are volunteering is allowed, if it is programmed correctly to work with the Orga-system. An example of a radio that should work well, and has a lot of features to play with after the event: "Anytone AT-D878UVII PLUS V3" Beware of the "PLUS" part.
Beware of local rules/laws/regulations when using a transmitter!

If you bring your own radio, please contact ROC when you are on-site to get it programmed. We cannot make promises that we can provide config for all radios.
Also, please send an email or an irc-message NOW, telling us what type of radio you'll be bringing, so we can prepare the configuration for it.

If you have the knowledge to program the radio yourself, you can find the frequencies here: Please do contact Team ROC to notify you will be using a radio, and please follow our ID guidelines:


Using your 4-digit DECT-number as your Radio-ID would be preferred for MCH.
Using a HAM-Radio DMR ID if you can only have one ID in your radio (like in Motorola) is fine as well.


Date Event
21-06-2022 Meeting about transport. Codeplug if we have time, otherwise one week later at the latest.
28-06-2022 Codeplug meeting
05-07-2022 Optional meeting
14-07-2022 Arrival: Wheeze_NL in the late afternoon
15-07-2022 Arrival: Techwolf12 (somewhere morning), Janik (Around 10 am)
Receive SMELT-Radios.
Deploy Repeaters in tower (With Telehandler ZOOMBOOM)
Prepare, Test, Program ALL the Radios.
16-07-2022 Probably more radio programming and testing.
Departure (temporarily): Techwolf12 (evening)
20-07-2022 Arrival: Techwolf12, MrLinux, Flimpie
27-07-2022 Departure: Techwolf12, Janik, MrLinux
28-07-2022 Prepare SMELT-Radios for pickup in the evening
29-07-2022 Pickup of SMELT-Radios
Departure: Wheeze_NL


We Do

The goal of the ROC is providing radio-communication to Orga. We plan to provide

  • site-wide coverage through repeaters for the channels that need that.
  • provide radios for teams like Safety, Logistics, PL, Horeca, NOC and many others.

The radio-tech used will differ from 2017. Tech is DMR, known to many.

We Don't

  • Provide Amateur Radio materials.

Members of Team:ROC do however support & facilitate the setup of a HAM-Radio repeater. More info can be found on Projects:HAM Radio Repeater

The plan for 2022

We plan on using DMR-radios in 2022. These are most likely available from our German friends (tbd) and have many advantages.

It will also be easy, allowed and even applauded to use your own radios!

If you want to BYOD, then please let us know what device, so we can try to prepare codeplugs (configuration-files) for the most used types, in order to make the radio-network work optimal.

An Example of a radio that would work, and has a lot of features to play with after the event: "Anytone AT-D878UVII PLUS V3" Beware of the "PLUS" part.

Please get in touch!

We need to know:

  • How many Orga-provided radios you need during:
    • Build-up
    • Arrival
    • Event
    • Tear-Down
  • Do you need accessories?

It would also be good to know if you are bringing any radios of your own to work on the orga DMR-network, and which type so we can try to prepare configuration-files for those.

Follow-up questions will follow if you send us an email.