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  • Provide functional lighting so visitors can see where they’re going
  • Ensure that sufficient lighting along emergency routes keeps working in case of power outages.
1st line contacts: Donutzz
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

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Team Members MCH2022

Productiehuis Tender fill-in

This is a plan that has been designed ad-hoc during a productiehuis meeting to fill the tender for the productiehuis. If it needs to be changed, please do so with real actual data.

This was made by drawing lines on the map of, with the idea that the 2021 layout will be roughly the same, give or take 20%.

Festoon map.png

Table of measurements on terrain:

  • Long string: 1540
  • Alexander to road: 180
  • South fields right side: 280
  • Wozniak: 180
  • Babbage to main road: 390
  • Babbage to Brook: 120
  • Orga to dyke: 36
  • Flowers: 210
  • Hopper: 60
  • Hopper 2: 75
  • Buitendijks: 740
  • Stage pa + other unmeasured: 500

Total estimate: 4311 meter on terrain.

Parking is not included. Can happen.

Poles, floor mounts for the poles, clips to attach the lights, power cables have to be rented as well. Poles will need to be placed around every 25 to 50 meters. So a guestimate is between 80 and 170 poles. (regulations?)

Protip: to reduce effort, some places the festoon can be placed on the ground. Might be less aestetically pleasing, but it works.

Some yolo-first-price indication is taken from here: