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Villages are sub-camps which organise themselves, often a community around a topic or region. They often provide shared or public facilities such as facilities or workshops. Villages can group themselves in Clusters.
Read more: More on villages, buildup times, village rentals see: Villages/FAQ
Page Name Description Website
Village:/dev/base /dev/base A hackerspace from Unterzeitlbach, Germany
Village:133713pwnies 133713pwnies Just some random people who like to camp and hack
Village:4EDU 4EDU Let's talk about education, kids, ...
Village:Bratzenamt Bratzenamt Bratzen vom Dienst
Village:Camp One Camp One
Village:Chaoswelle Chaoswelle Radio amateurs around the CCC Germany and the DARC e.V. local association D23.
Village:DutchPicknick Dutch Picknick Friendly Nerds from all over the Netherlands
Village:Fri3d Camp Fri3d Camp Belgian Fri3d Camp crew
Village:Frubar Frubar We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing.
Village:HackTheHealth Hack The Health Simulate the health sector and hack it
Village:Hardware Hacking Area - HHA HHA
Village:LuxHack LëtzHack Luxemburgish hackers village
Village:Solarpunk (worktitle) dont have it yet climate emergency looking for humane, feminist and artistic points of view.
Village:StitchVillage StitchVillage This is a test village created to see if everything renders correctly!
Village:Swedish Embassy Swedish Embassy We are back to build a midsummer/penis pole, bring surströmming, aquavit, and be drunk and/or high as usual.
Village:SwissVillage SwissVillage Village of many Switzerland related humans and projects
Village:geraffel Geraffel
Village:infuanfu infuanfu
Village:worldclass worldclass IT A village of nerds who were forced to always build a worldclass IT |-