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Villages are sub-camps which organise themselves, often a community around a topic or region. They often provide shared or public facilities such as facilities or workshops. Villages can group themselves in Clusters.
Read more: More on villages, buildup times, village rentals see: Villages/FAQ

Page Name Description Website
Village:/dev/base /dev/base A hackerspace from Unterzeitlbach, Germany
Village:/dev/lol /dev/lol Hackerspace & Friends from Linz/Austria
Village:/dev/privacy /dev/privacy /dev/privacy < Protagio Honest Cloud
Village:/dev/urandom /dev/urandom Random (security) people from the financial sector
Village:0x0f284 0x0f284 Bunch of security nerds
Village:1111101001 Nights 1111101001 Nights Hackers. 🦆 Rubber Duckies. 👾 Shirts. 🍹 Club Mate. Workshops. Music. Kick back and relax at the most exotic place of MCH!
Village:133713pwnies 133713pwnies Just some random people who like to camp and hack
Village:2342 2342 We have the answers to everything
Village:4EDU 4EDU Let's talk about education, kids, ...
Village:508 loop detected 508 loop detected Trying to compress the internet with a Weissman score of 0.241
Village:80s Party 80s Party We put the 80s back in Ethics
Village:ACKspace VillageACKspace Village for hackerspace ACKspace
Village:AfRA AfRA Abteilung-für-Redundanz-Abteilung
Village:Angrynerds Angrynerds Studio Live streaming audio and video from the event
Village:Anykind-Bekind Anykind-Bekind A place for anykind as long as you are belkind to each other
Village:Area42 Area42 We are about fire, lasers and having fun
Village:atypical atypical_open_source_gurus This description was breaking the page
Village:AVOID AVOID AVOID — an inclusive exclusive oasis for spiritual healing...
Village:badeend Badeend May contain rubber duckies and pancakes
Village:Batavus On Tour Batavus On tour Just a belgian/finnish couple hanging around
Village:Beg Bounties Bounty Hunter Lounge A bountiful village AKA; 0CD, bugs village, Edwin's Kratje Mate, Ground Zero, NullCPTR, /heli/null
Village:Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda Triangle Stuff tends to get lost here
Village:Bikeshed Bikeshed The Bikeshed village
Village:bimseln bimseln just a bunch of families ans friends
Village:BIT BIT
Village:Blue Hat Hackers Blue Hat Hackers Village for the current, old bluehat hackers & friends
Village:BornHack BornHack Village for BornHack volunteers, participants and hangarounds. All creatures welcome!
Village:Bratzenamt Bratzenamt Bratzen vom Dienst
Village:c-base c-base a small group of c-base members wants to camp together
Village:C3WOC C3WOC Crafting waffles
Village:C4 Chaos Computer Club Cologne e.V. C4 Outpost
Village:Camp One Camp One
Village:camper geraffel Camper Geraffel
Village:CCCAC CCCAC Chaos Computer Club Aachen
Village:Ceci n'est pas un Village Ceci n'est pas un Village Just a couple of Grumpy Old Hackers
Village:Chaitin School Chaitin School Software engineering community in London, England
Village:Chaos Post Chaos Post - c3post Chaos Post - providing, stamping and delivering postcards at the speed of Chaos.
Village:Chaos-West Chaos West Chaos-West is a loose group of Hackspaces from mid-west Germany.
Village:ChaosFurs ChaosFurs A place for hacking furries to hang out and do some projects together!
Village:Chaospott Chaospott Hackerspace Essen. We are part of the Chaos-West cluster.
Village:Chaostreff Dortmund Chaostreff Dortmund Chaostreff Dortmund Nerds
Village:Chaoswelle Chaoswelle Radio amateurs around the CCC Germany and the DARC e.V. local association D23.
Village:COINZIX ZIX Moving bits all day
Village:CompuCampingClub CompuCampingClub A colleague camping club!
Village:Computent Computest The tent of Computest, full of arcade games 🕹 and parties 🎉
Village:Crumpets Crumpets We provide crumpets
Village:CTF MCH2022 CTF The official MCH2022 Capture The Flag
Village:Cursed Computer Club Cursed Computer Club Ad-hoc group of hackers from around Europe
Village:DarkDiaper Darkdiaper Storage for fork()s and associated parent processes from Darksystem
Village:Darksystem Darksystem Why are they ...?
Village:DasLabor Das Labor Hackerspace Bochum, Germany. Part of the Chaos West Cluster.
Village:data net Drienerlo data net drienerlo
Village:DataPoint juFORUM DataPoint juFORUM Science Nerds form German juFORUM e.V. and Friends
Village:Dauercamper Dauercamper We are here to stay
Village:deFEEST deFEEST Het is geen feest als deFEEST niet is geweest! we are a tech community who has scheduled their meetup here
Village:Diva Diva Village wannabe 1337 rockstars and their dogs
Village:DIVD Space DIVD Space Members of the Dutch Institute for Vulnerability Disclosure
Village:DomeBaristas Dome Barista Village - DeBOC We brew Coffee and play with Light
Village:DutchNICPic Dutch NICPic Sub team of Dutch Picknick!
Village:DutchPicknick Dutch Picknick Friendly Nerds from all over the Netherlands
Village:Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Electromagnetic Field Organisation team, volunteers and attendees from Electromagnetic Field (UK Camp)
Village:Emergent.Earth Public stage and community for sustainability topics
Village:End Summer Camp End Summer Camp Italian End Summer Camp Crew ~Home of the (in)famous Italian Grappa~
Village:Entropolis Entropolis Entropolis is the village of the Entropia / CCC Karlsruhe
Village:EVerest BaseCamp EVerest BaseCamp - EV charging Hacking Hacking car charging and green grid integration
Village:Explody Explody Next iteration of Explody after SHA2017
Village:F-EZ F-EZ The S-RM team on MCH!
Village:Fab Academy fabacademy everything fab academy
Village:False False Letting our engineers roam free
Village:FamilyZone FamilyZone
Village:Flying Objects Flying Objects We're flying everything autonomously
Village:FoodHackingBase Food Hacking Base We are bunch of hackers from all around the world who are into food, drinks and bio, exprimenting wildly and enjoying each others presence.
Village:FraMa FraMa FraMa is the shared Assembly Of CCC Frankfurt, CCC Mannheim, Noname (Heidelberg) and Friends
Village:Freeside Freeside conglomerate of hackers from around the globe
Village:Freies Labor Freies Labor People from the Freies Labor Hackerspace in Hildesheim, Germany
Village:Frubar Frubar We are a Network of People who do some more or less creative projects to supply the digital community with new mindsets. While keeping balance between art and science we never forget the fun. The name Frubar is a mixture of foo bar and the german word for copious (fruchtbar). We thought it would describe best what we are doing.
Village:GadgetFriday GadgetFriday GadgetFriday! Home of the tinkering Nerd since 1995. We love soldering, beer, soldering, more beer, hacking, playing boardgames, arduino's, FPGA's, Gameduino's, retro gaming, embedded gaming, retro coding, FPV drones, 3D-printing, 3D-milling, MSX, C64, NGC,, Bob Ross and much much more!
Village:GaffaOverflow GaffaOverflow
Village:GeekSquad -=g33ksquad=- Guys from Denmark enjoying life
Village:geraffel Geraffel Geraffel Village is a bunch of retro vintage nerds who do IT-Security, have fun with the equipment, support the next generation and do not forget to party.
Village:hacKNology hacKNology e.V. Hackerspace from the Lake Constance
Village:HackTheHealth Hack The Health powered by Biohacking Village Covering the entire healthcare sector and seeing what's broken, what we can break, and what's next,,,
Village:Hardware Hacking Area - HHA HHA
Village:HaWo-Exil HaWo-Exil
Village:HBD HBD Here be dragons
Village:Helferlein Helferlein Helferlein
Village:Hell's Village Hell's Village Meta Village for people from Bavaria Franconia and maybe Austria
Village:HSBE HSBE Some Belgian hackerspaces and friends
Village:HSN and HashRU HSN and #RU Hackerspace Nijmegen and #RU
Village:HSNL Hacker spaces Netherlands Hacker spaces Netherlands
Village:infuanfu infuanfu We are a very small but luxurious hackerspace in Germany
Village:Invoke-Orangekatz.ps1 Invoke-Orangekatz.ps1 Hackers of ING
Village:Island Apes Island Apes General Purpose British Hackers
Village:ItalianEmbassy Italian Hackers' Embassy Italian hacker community: Pasta, Grappa, Coffee and much more
Village:Kepler Kepler Small village of around inter-connected cyberillas
Village:Labitat Labitat Hackerspace based in Copenhagen. Find us at
Village:Lambda Lambda Crepe & Party by French guy
Village:Leiwand Ville Leiwand Ville A Hackspace from Vienna, Austria
Village:Lemanicus Lemanicus People from Romandie region in Switzerland (Geneva, Lausanne, etc)
Village:Lockpicking The Open Organisation Of Lockpickers This village is about exploring how locks work, and sharing this knowledge with the community. We will teach you to pick your first locks and what else there is to explore in physical security. Manipulating safes, creating keys on the fly, to name a few.
Village:Love Live Laugh! Arcade Hacking Festival ~after camp ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai! Tent Meeting!! Love Live Laugh! Arcade Hacking Festival ~after camp ACTIVITY~ Wai-Wai! Tent Meeting!! Hacking ass and taking games
Village:Mainframe Mainframe Village of the Hackerspce/FabLab Oldenburg
Village:Makerhafen Makerhafen Makerspace located in Hamburg, Germany
Village:May Contain HITB May Contain HITB A relaxed camping hangout space for HITB friends & family
Village:milliways milliways the village at the end of the universe
Village:MISChaufen MISChaufen A small group which is interested to secure and hack some IoT-Devices.
Village:Moose Moose Moose!
Village:Mysteryhack Mysteryhack We develop tools and projects focused on the cybersecurity field.
Village:nbsp nbsp A tapestry of transfeminine-leaning internet communities
Village:Neighbourhood Nerds Neighbourhood Nerds A bunch of friendly nerds from mainly Karlsruhe, regular visitors since CCC Camp 1999
Village:Nerdekollektivet Nerdekollektivet Freelancer co-working space in Trondheim, Norway
Village:Nerds on Rails Nerds on Rails A bunch of nerds from a German railway company
Village:Neurovillage NeuroVillage A place for all neurohacking and biohacking related activities. We bring some EEG and BCI devices and will continue to do what we did at CCCamp 2015, SHA2017 and some xxC3s.
Village:NOP NOP Three Cycles of Nothingness... Not Our Problemsch!!!
Village:Not a Village Not a Village It is Not a Village.
Village:OLUNC OLUNC Ukrainian hax0rs at MCH
Village:Omega Verksted Omega Verksted Student hackerspace from Trondheim, Norway
Village:OpenKAT OpenKAT This village is voor the OpenKAT open source project
Village:OS3 OS3 UvA SNE village
Village:OSSO OSSO Colleagues/friends+family from Open Source Software Oplossingen - we breathe open source
Village:OuterBassShip OuterBassShip We travel through space with bass
Village:OWASP OWASP OWASP foundation base camp
Village:pancakevillage Pancake Village Eat pancakes, Sleep, Hack, Repeat.
Village:POC POC The POC village
Village:PRKL PRKL Suomi Finland PRKL! en.html
Village:ProdVOC ProdVOC Village for people close to Prodcutiehuis and/or C3VOC
Village:Purrfect Space Purrfect Space A small family of hackers, quietness enjoyers and silence afficionados.
Village:RandomData and Friends RandomData & Friends The village of the RandomData hackerspace from Utrecht
Village:Realraum Realraum Hackerspace from Graz/Austria
Village:retirement home retirement home poke 53265,0
Village:Retro Retro Computing Village Go back to the 70s, 80s or 90s and see, feel, try, play & learn with well over 25 working retro systems
Village:RetroGaming Retro Gaming Village We like playing video games both old and new we have physical NES, SNES, N64, PS1 and PS2 consoles available to play on
Village:Riscure village _Riscure_Village_ Place for Riscure nerds to hangout and chat about glitching
Village:securify Securify Employees and friends of Securify
Village:Sensor.Community Sensor.Community Open Environmental Data
Village:SHA512 SHA512 A village for Digital Forensics enthusiasts and their accompanying family (~ 30 people).
Village:sigsegv sigsegv sigsegv is a travelling group of Norwegians attending conf
Village:SMRF SMRF Samenwerkende MCH2022 RekenFaciliteiten
Village:SpanishVillage SpanishVillage Spanish Village
Village:Still Hacking Anyway Still Hacking Anyway Friends from (mainly) some Dutch hackerspaces
Village:Still JeMoeder Anyway Still JeMoeder Anyway Just some really old friends from school
Village:SwissVillage SwissVillage Village of many Switzerland-related humans and projects
Village:The Quarantine Arms The Quarantine Arms
Village:TheVillagePeople Village People Get a free VPS, join our button mashing contest or come by for a chat and an IPA. and friends and The Patch Warehouse plus friends The village of and friends. Come see us, we have tea, different types of coffee brewers, ancient board games, iron-on patches and good vibes!
Village:TkkrLab TkkrLab Hackerspace Enschede
Village:TMS TMS Foxhunting and SDR
Village:Tor zur Welt Tor zur Welt Some nerds from Hamburg
Village:Trellix City Trellix City Friends from the netherlands that are looking to have fun, meet people and learn some new skills
Village:UAVP-NG UAVP-NG Universal Aerial Video Platform
Village:Unlock The City Unlock The City This village is related to the sponsor(tent) of Deloitte where we host tons of cool talks, presentations and challenges
Village:Unterland Unterland The Unterland (Lower Swabia) is a collection of hack- and makerspaces around Heilbronn, Germany with CodeForHeilbronn being the main hackspace,,,
Village:Urlab UrLab Urlab Hackerspace
Village:Village of the Three Headed Monkey from dusk till dawn Just some friends from NL/DE hanging out on camp
Village:village:SearchWing SearchWing
Village:warpzone warpzone
Village:wiskey-tango-foxtrot Wiskey Tango Foxtrot
Village:worldclass Worldclass IT A village of nerds who were forced to always build a worldclass IT
Village:YoloCation YoloCation Free VMs, Resources, Movies Views, Vintage Hardware
Village:ZTL ZTL A bunch of people around the German ZTL (Zentrum für Technikkultur Landau) Makerspace
Village:Շเ ภ๏๏๒ร Շเ ภ๏๏๒ร Noobs from TI |-

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