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Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
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Fire! Fire!

Team Members

If you are in the possession of a "BHV" certification or any other fire fighting experience, please contact us and join the fire team. We are still looking for angels to help us with the fire safety of the event.

Legislation / Safety Rules


Our mission is to help everyone have an awesome event, safely. There is however legislation and regulation that the event MCH has to comply with. This is for your and everyone else's safety.

In the section below we listed the safety measures that the event has to have in place to comply. If you have any wishes that involve fire safety and deviate from below feel free to contact us to investigate if we can make it possible.


  • For your safety, keep the emergency routes free and position your tents within the specified boundaries
  • Smoking is not allowed in public tents
  • Open fires are not allowed other than specified by the organization
  • Fire safety can be checked by the MCH organization or by the municipality fire department. They are allowed to request additional safety measures


Cooking is allowed on gas and (small) electric cooking equipment.


Gas bottles up to 250 gram are allowed. Larger quantities will be subject to a check on the below specifications during the event:

  • The inspection period of the gas tank must not be expired
  • Gas hoses must not have cracks, coloring or signs of drying out.
  • Gas hoses must not be older than 10 years old
  • The pressure reducing valve must be less than 5 years old
  • After using gas, the gas tank has to be turned off
  • Make sure electric cooking equipment complies with Team Power's guidance on electricity consumption: Facilities#Power
  • When using equipment that has a large power consumption (e.g. ovens etc), please align with Team Power to ensure you will not overload the grid.
  • BBQ's (charcoal, wood etc) are not allowed.
  • BBQ based on gas might be allowed but require a inspection of Team:Fire if gas requirements are fulfilled
  • MCH will place 4 public gas BBQ's near the Harbour Lounge that can be used freely


  • MCH provides power, it is not allowed to use your own power generator
  • For guidance on connecting, please follow team power's guidance on connecting devices written here
  • Equipment used and connected outside has to be IP65-certified

Large Tents

  • Tents larger than 25m2 or with more than 10 people sleeping need to be pre-registered for safety reasons.
  • Tents need to be fire-retardant according to NEN 6065 class II norm (equivalent DIN 4102-B1).
  • Tents with more than 10 sleeping beds have to have a working fire alarm
  • Per group of 25 persons a minimum of 1 foam fire extinguisher with a minimum capacity of 6 liters has to be present.
  • If a tent is (larger than 60m2) OR (more than 30 people average are present) OR (at a peek more than 50 people are present), An emergency exit sign with emergency lighting is required.

Fire extinguishers

  • POWDER extinguishers are NOT allowed because of the potential collateral damage to electronic equipment if used.