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1st line contacts: User:Gerth-Jan, Netsmurf, Firewall
Is an exclusive team: Yes
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
Backup Contact at projectleiding:


Welcome at team Fire.
Our mission is to make MCH a safe and secure event for everyone by means of fire prevention and fire fighting.


We are now with a team of 5, but still have open positions.

  • Are you certified in firefighting like "Company Emergency Response", or even a real fire fighter?
  • Do you have a very good sense of humor?
  • Can always rely on you when things get serious?

Then please contact us via


We are currently in the process of writing the fire prevention plan which is mandatory for the permit of the event.
Meetings are planned with HQ to closely work together with teams:

Team Members

Ideas involving fire?

If you have any plans for the event involving fire, please to contact us. We are open for all your creations and ideas and want to help you execute them safely.