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This page is part of the organization of MCH2021. Feel free to look around and please note that information on pages such as the Main Page or Q&A is kept more up to date.

MCH2021 is a "DIY" hacker event, organized by volunteers and everyone who visits. If you want to help preparing the event, please join the orga by participating in a team. At the event, please participate as an angel.

Teams are the backbone of MCH2021, which are made out of volunteers that have or want to gain expertise in a certain field. Their decisions power the event from location to management, from IT to ticket sales to the tap-water installation on the terrain.

It is possible, and you are welcomed, to join any of the team mailinglists and meetings. Please introduce yourself on the list or at meetings :)

To create a team, use the form: Form:Team

To create a project use the form: Form:Project

Team checklist

For a team to embed themselves in the orga, but also be reachable for new team members, please make sure the following is listed on the team page:

  • Who is/are the first point of contact (not necessarily the team lead), make sure this person or persons have contact information shared.
  • Add role information in your team description from the roles page.
  • Plan _all_ meetings up to the event itself and share them on your page. This will save you massive amounts of time with agenda syncing, datumprikkers, planners every time.
  • Make it clear for new people how to join the team and meetings. The orga and visitor wiki are now one, which should make it easier for new people to join your team.
  • Share with team:Volunteers: How many team members your team _must_ have and for what, and how many would be nice to have (and for what).

Teams & Projects


Name 1st line contact(s) IRC Channel Contact
Accessibility Stitch
Badge Halcyon #MCH2021-badge
Clothing production Netsmurf
Cohesion Rizoom
ColourMyMCH Donutzz
Content Claudia, Martian, Robin, Walter
Deco Polyfloyd, Moem
Family #mch2022-family
Finance Coco
Fire User:Gerth-Jan, Netsmurf
First-AID #mch2022-firstaid
Heralds WitchDoc
Horeca Netsmurf
Huisstijl Boekenwuurm
Info Raboof, Noor #mch2022-info
Lighting Polyfloyd
Moebelhaus #mch2022-Moebelhaus
Music Chrisha
NOC AK47 #mch2022-noc
Off-site transportation -
On-site transportation Manduca
POC Twi #mch2022-poc
POC/Fieldphone #mch2022-poc
Partytent Donutzz
Permits Stitch
Power Benadski #Nope
Press GigaWalt
Productiehuis Mack, Bix #productiehuis
Projectleiding Stitch
Promo GigaWalt
Safe Harbour Brenno
Shuttle #mch2022-Shuttle
Speaker Desk Kirils
Sponsors #mch2022-sponsoring
Sysadmin Piele #mch2022-sysadmin
Terrain Redlizard #mch2022-terrain
Ticket & Entrance #mch2022-tickets
Volunteers #mch2022-volunteers
Warehouse #mch2022-lhq
Waste Stitch
A total of 43 teams.


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Organization chart (clusters, roles)

This is a view of the SHA organizations split into roles. We're trying to adopt this idea, it's new.


For the role description please visit the following: