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The Horeca team organizes and operates the following :
  • 3 Bar area's : Main bar, Harbour bar, Badge Bar
  • Foodcourt
  • Party Area
  • Volunteer Food
1st line contacts: Netsmurf
Is an exclusive team: No
Contact e-mail:
Responsible for:
Contact at projectleiding: Netsmurf
Backup Contact at projectleiding:

Team Members

Team Members MCH2022

Bar Subteam:

Foodcourt Subteam :

  • Bjorn

Volunteer Food :

PL Team overal Horeca Lead :



The Horeca team Will consist of several smaller sub teams :

  • The "Bar" sub-team will organize, build and run the 3 planned Bar area's Main Bar, Harbour bar and Badge Bar.
  • The "Foodcourt" sub-team will organize, build and run the foodcourt.
  • The "Volunteer Food" subteam will organize the volunteer food.


Safety policy:

      ‘Ask for Angela’
  • Do you feel unsafe?
  • Is someone making you feel uncomfortable?
  • Has someone been physically harmed?
  • Are you feeling unusually intoxicated?
       'Ask for Angela'
     We are here to help.
  • Head to one of the bars and ask if 'Angela' is working'.
  • We will invite you into a staff-only area and work with you to get you safe.


The horeca team works closely together with :

  • The "Party-Tent" team who organize, build and run the party area.
  • The "Music" team who organize the entertainment in the party and Bar area's.
  • The "Permits" team who organize the permits for the bar and food.
  • The "Safe-harbor" team who organize the harbor.

More info

To do's

  • Make terrain plans
  • Make floor plans for Main Bar
  • Make floor plans for Harbour Bar
  • Make floor plans for Badge Bar
  • Explore which qualifications are needed and which rules apply (e.g. "sociale hygiëne?")
  • Find a good seller, make a good deal, and provide the contract to team finance to buy the needed stock in drinks, snacks, etc
  • Set prices for products, discuss them with Treasury
  • Plan all furnishing you will need like fridges, taps, bar-counter, bins etc
  • Get furniture and decorations
  • Devise smart volunteer setup (how will volunteers sell stuff, what distinctive roles, what do they need to know etc)
  • Devise a plan to stock bars during event.


Oktober 2020 Make Terrain plans

November/December 2020 Make detailled Bar Plans

November/December 2020 Start talking to suppliers/Foodcourt vendors

June 2021 Ready for event


Terrain : Rough terrain schetch ready, making detailled autocad drawing
Bar : Rough bar schetch ready, making detailled autocad drawing
Foodcourt : Team lead found, starting vendor selection. Party-Tent : Detailled drawings ready. AV requirements list : Draft made, final discussion shortly before sending to AV team.


If you are interested in volunteering for Horeca pls contact me at