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Temporary pad with notes was this: Pad MCH2021-Content-Minutes-2020-04-11

attending: - walter - amelia - kirils - coco - jos - erik - claudia - aschwin - bert

not attending: - robin

Action items from previous meetings

Create table for requirements Conference management software

done -> https://wiki.ifcat.org/Team:Content-Tool-Evaluation

Add requirements to the table for requirements Conference management software

done, table is filled in

Create first version of CfP


Ask Atilla about budget. Ask about subsidies

done -> TODO: Walter, could you document this somewhere on the wiki and put a link here?


Erik filled in the table on https://wiki.ifcat.org/Team:Content-Tool-Evaluation His impression: submission works fine

custom questions but no extra dedicated financial support thing, erik checks for external tools

can we make a plugin for summing up all financial support things

for angel system, pretalx can export frab format, angel system can import those

ticketing system support is missing but mail is possible or we could have an extra plugin to create a corresponding ticket

wishlist for choosing talks not possible (walter: last time other tool was used for this, too)

suggestion for making tracks: in real life with cards, talks printed...

still check in detail: custom style sheets and custom python code for footer/header

check if we can make reimbursement plugin?

-> decision vote for a tool: Frab: no votes Pretalx: all votes (9) -> Pretalx it is

agreed to investigate the following extra features (IF we will solve this in Pretalx or other tool and HOW + WHO will solve it): - dedicated financial support thing - intermediate mailing runs, bulk emails on specific filters - ...? -> erik will take lead and open issues on github

claudia had already made a list (where?), she'll get in touch with erik


we will edit the CfP all together (everyone adds a bit), deadline for our editing is April 25 Consensus was that we want to edit it to make it a bit more inviting for people to hand in their talk proposals.

Next meeting

May 2nd, 14:00-15:00

Action points:

- Erik: work on new features for pretalx

- erik/kirils (+add your name if you want to join this): work on academic thing

- all: edit CfP

Already known agenda:

- academic conference prepared by Kirils and Erik (extra track, dedicated village?) and whoever wants to join

- cfp final discussions, so we can send it to orga

- update on pretalx features (list of features we want + pull request links)