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Agenda As decided in the 2020-05-02 meeting:

  • Final decision on the motto.

While there is no explicit love affair with the motto, "Eventually Consistent" it is!

  • Erik can prepare discussions on ticketing systems, but wants to have a direct line with the administrators for such a aystem.

Atilla has been sent an email, but no response yet. Orga likes Redmine, it can also talk to email. It could also do keyword parsing so you could use it to keep track of expenses in a field. The idea is pretalx manages the talks, every talk is also a ticket in Redmine, where monetary negotiations can happen. Status could be 'open', 'negotiation', 'amount agreed', 'money paid'. It has no native way to add up all money pledged though. There is a CSV export however. Speakers don't need an account in there. Speaker desk etc could have access to Redmine, and even pay things out and mark it as done. There is a permission model, so speaker desk can't change everything (like amounts).

There is some scepticism on automated email parsing, so we think we should not do it or at the very least restrict this heavily.

Erik personally has good experiences with RT, but stresses that Redmine sees wide use within the organization, so that is a big advantage. We do need confirmation that Redmine will actually be picked by orga. Coco will figure this out.

Some discussion on summing up amounts - this is a partially manual process, but we don't have to do it that often. We could write a Ruby plugin. It is not ideal, but like Redmine, it appears to be "good enough". If the orga standardises om something else, we need to know quickly so we could reconsider.

What we we want to report/export: amount of money we have, how much we granted, how much we actually spent. We do need discipline to keep all these to one ticket. Main need is to detect/prevent overspending. All the money stuff should be in Redmine. Erik can write the necessary JSON glue. A periodic report would be fine.

Amelia suggests doing a shared screen session eventually so we can "click through" the redmine/pretalx experience, so we can see if it works.

Walter volunteers to do the significant work of writing up a set of workflows (thanks!).

  • Layout for the CfP once it is released to the public. Timeline for providing this support.

We have a few months for a preliminary design. However, we do need to do something. Pretalx can likely host it, with CSS and everything. Robin and Claudia are going to copy/paste in the text and work on the design. BUT, we're not going live yet of course, we're doing this for our next meeting.

  • How many stages, stands, workshops etc? Early prepping with ensure better functioning facilities.

Atilla reports 3 large tents, maybe no more super large tent. Potentially one "outdoors stage", an amphi theatre. This might offer flexibility if it is too warm in tents. Also it requires an outdoor screen which might be expensive (or perhaps super cheap by now).

There is also a plan for a stage close to the food court. "Something arty".

The thoughts are two or three workshop tents, but this time with better projectors.

This is clearly still in flux.

Bert notes he did not found the workshop tents very discoverable. A big tent you walk in to see what is going on. Small tent almost feels like intruding. Contact "Moom and Wool" about this, extra signs mabye? Or in the app? Or do more promo during intermissions? Food for thought. It is not specifically our problem, but we can share our concerns with signage teams.

  • What do we do if corona-crisis prevails? Contingency/emergency plans?

Not our cup of tea. We'll need content anyhow, virtually or later.

  • Next meeting.

Saturday 6th of June. This time is difficult for people with children who do sports, but it appears no other time is a big improvement. Amelia will negotiate with our new member Jeroen on times, between 12 (.. or 13) and 17. Because reasons.

Topics: CFP, Coco will figure out if Redmine is the chosen platform of the orga. Redmine/workflow discussion, starting the hunt for speakers/content.

  • If enough time: Music project, what happens with it? What is the overlap with content? [Optional pending feedback from music project team]

Chris is very enthusiastic, but we need to be very clear with saying what is possible and what is not.

So the question is, what can team content do for him? We do schedules and and tracks, and musical contributions provided through Pretalx will be judged just like the rest. But we should be super clear it is all his business to organise the rest - we don't organize sound, audio etc. Because he might need some more time, his proposals can come in a bit later.

Brenno notes the permit process is different if you have a “musical experience in there”. The local municipality is still very happy with us, but we hope to keep it that way. Brenno is also working on something musical in the harbour.